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How To Keep Your Affiliates Happy – Pro Affiliate Manager Tips

Managing your active affiliates with care impacts on how fast your affiliate business model is going to skyrocket. When I was a CPA marketer back in 2015, I used to work on various marketplaces. Whenever I have faced any trouble regarding any promotional issues, my affiliate manager was the one I sought help from. The payout from a CPA offer can vary from a single buck to a few hundred bucks...


Pro Tips: How to Source The Right Kind of Affiliates

To generate more sales for your business, you need more active affiliates, and to get more active affiliates you need to know how to source more top affiliates. When I started affiliate sourcing, there was limited information on the internet. And I bet there is no specific resource yet I can refer to.  So, I decided to write about my own affiliate sourcing experience and share it with t...