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What is the Importance of Dental SEO Services?

Out of all the digital marketing channels at your disposal, search engine optimization is the most effective channel to source patients. Especially because 97% of prospective patients use Google, Bing, and other leading search engines to find dental solutions, advice, tips, and even dental clinics online.

Online Presence

Most people use search engines to find dental clinics within their vicinity or in specific areas. Among them, 75% of prospective patients pay attention to the top few results appearing on the first page of Google or other popular search engines. Without the implementation of effective SEO strategies, your website won’t appear on the top search rankings, so you will miss out on the mainstream opportunities to attract patients to your dental practice.

Brand Awareness & Credibility

To create effective brand awareness it is crucial for your dental practice to appear on the top search results of Google, Bing, and other search engines. As patients tend to rely on these search engines to find dental clinics online, therefore consistently ranking on the top search results will positively impact your dental practice’s brand awareness. Patients cross-compare dental clinics to determine which one’s most suitable for them in terms of quality of treatment, cost, distance, former patient reviews, and other significant factors.

Enhanced User Experience

By applying the right SEO strategies, you can exponentially improve the user experience for your prospective patients. There are multiple digital touchpoints to consider to create a level of satisfaction among your target audience to entice them to book an appointment. Some people might be browsing the web to find solutions to particular oral health problems, whereas others might seek a consultation, dental treatment, opening hours, location, or inquire about the quality of your treatment.

Each of these factors has a different search intent, with the execution of proper SEO, you can guide search engines to specifically show the appropriate web page on your website. This will enhance conversions and dental appointments as your prospective patients can directly navigate to what they are looking for straight from search engine results.

Dominating the Competition

It is important for your dental practice to stand out among the competition. The most effective way of doing this is to rank in the top search results. In this way, your dental clinic will get noticed by the majority of prospective patients looking for dental care. Most people usually compare the dental clinics that appear on the top search results by going through the websites and checking online reviews.

So, by applying the right SEO strategies you can position your website among the top search rankings and get the spotlight to gain a competitive edge.

What Can You Expect from MonsterClaw’s Dental SEO Services?

We have designed a very comprehensive Dental SEO service plan to help our Dental clients rapidly scale up their organic growth by boosting their website rankability.

SEO for
Dental Services

Our Dental SEO Services include,

We will use advanced SEO tools and various specialized techniques to audit your website to identify issues hindering your organic search rankings and find enhancements to improve your website’s search visibility. Learn more about our Deep SEO Auditing Service.

Once we have identified the issues we will take effective steps to fix them and then focus on enhancing your website to improve its position in search rankings.

We will apply tweaks and complex SEO techniques to enhance your website to boost its search rankings.

According to Google & Bing Webmaster Guidelines, there are many technical factors that need to be addressed and accordingly optimized. Such issues include website loading speed, bounce rate, poor user experience on both desktops and mobile devices, etc. to rank on top search results.

Search engines identify the search intent and relevance based on the content. That’s why it is important to keep your content properly optimized to boost your website’s rankability.

We will use various local SEO strategies for heavily optimizing your website’s search visibility specifically to your target audience to generate more appointments and boost your dental income stream.

You can view your website traffic, the number of clicks, conversions, and revenue trendline on the spot, as we’ll keep you connected with advanced online SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster, Ahrefs, etc.

We will provide monthly KPI reports helping you stay on track with the progression of our work and the results achieved.

6-Point SEO Strategies for Dentists

1. Local SEO for Dentists

As you provide dental care in a specific geographic location to a particular segment of the population, we will particularly target your prospective patients and implement effective local SEO for dentists.

We will analyze the current market trend and conduct extensive keyword research in specific locations to identify the search pattern of your prospective patients.

Based on that we will list down the keywords with high-ranking potential and use them effectively to boost your website’s search ranking and drive increased traffic to your website. 

In this way, we can guide Google and other search engines to generate increased organic search visibility for your target audience. This will you gain more qualified leads, secure more dental appointments and enhance your revenue.

2. Integrating Your Website to Online Directories

We will also integrate your website into popular online directories such as Google Business Profile, Bing Places, etc. so that prospective patients can find your website and other online channels using search queries such as dentists near me or nearby.

In this way, your dental practice will appear on Google and Bing Maps, and also on their search engine results in a featured style showing your location, reviews, opening hours, ratings, images, and much more.

3. Competitive Analysis

In order to attract patients to your dental practice, it is extremely important for you to dominate the competition. That’s why competitive analysis is crucial and a mandatory SEO strategy to stand out and gain the spotlight that you need on the top search results. 

We will conduct an extensive competitive analysis to identify your top competitors by evaluating their SEO metrics, statistics, keyword gap, and other data to understand their position and determine how you can overcome them and outrank them in search results.

This will be a consistent process throughout the entire SEO project, as organic rankings are very dynamic, so it’s necessary to keep close tabs on the competition to gain, maintain and retain the top search ranking.

4. Content Development Focusing on Pain Points

Most of the time there is a sense of urgency to visit the dentist, especially due to the excruciating pain associated with oral problems such as toothache, gum infection, aesthetic concerns, and more.

Before deciding to visit a dentist, people usually search for their symptoms, cause, and treatment on Google and other search engines. So, we will help you develop content by focusing on your target audience’s pain points, in this way your website is likely to appear on search results whenever someone searches those particular oral problems.

This will increase your website’s rankability as your content will be deemed more credible, authentic, and authoritative. Plus, it will create a better impression of your dental competence to your prospective patients which will amplify the scope of increased appointments.

5. Link Building

Websites are connected through referral links, which are also popularly known as backlinks. So, when someone else includes your website link on any of their web pages they basically create a backlink to your site.

Google and other search engines scan and analyze these backlinks to determine what these sites are about and their search relevance. That’s why it is extremely important to ensure that your website has backlinks from relevant and credible sources.

If you have backlinks from shady sites then they need to be removed immediately.Don’t worry, that’s what we are here to do, we will sort out your backlink profile and take steps to remove the shady backlinks.

Then, we will reach out to the website owners of the quality backlinks to optimize their content and we will also create new high-quality backlinks to heavily strengthen your backlink profile.

6. Internal Linking

In order to guide the search engine to better understand your website and its content it is very important to internally link web pages and relevant content. Plus, it will make the user experience more fluid, as your prospective patients will be able to see particular web pages straight from Google or other search engine results.

If you consider the digital touchpoints of your target audience, some people might be seeking an appointment whereas others may like to learn more about your dental practice. So, internally linking your website can guide the search engine to determine the search intent and show the particular web page. 

In this way, your target audience will find exactly what they’re looking for, and if they find it on your site, it’ll increase your website’s click and conversion rate.

It will also make it easier for prospective patients to navigate from one web page to another, which will increase the time spent on your website and enhance user experience as they can navigate across your website more easily.

So, we will go through your website, carefully examine each website page, and create effective internal links to boost your website traffic to a whole new level.

Apart from these 6 key SEO strategies, we apply various other strategies to enhance the SEO performance of our clients, especially by conducting extensive market research, dental trend analysis, and staying well informed of the latest search engine updates, especially Google, Bing, and other leading search engines. With the acquired knowledge, we apply necessary changes to our strategies and even find new ways to help our clients dominate the search rankings.

If you’re willing to learn more about our Dental SEO Strategies, you may want to read our article How to Get Patients as a Dentist, it contains 12 effective SEO strategies for Dental SEO.

Why Should You Trust MonsterClaw’s Dental SEO Services?

Recent Track Records of our SEO Accomplishments,

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While the results are ongoing, MonsterClaw LLC has lived up to expectations. Their team is efficient and communicative, quickly responding to all queries.

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Most prospective patients search for dentists near me or nearby on Google or other search engines, that’s why Dental SEO will help you get more qualified leads.

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