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MonsterClaw Partnership Program

High-Ticket Partnership Program for
Agencies and Business Coaches!

Grow Your Revenue, Maximize Profit and Establish Passive Income Streams. 

Top-Tier B2B Digital Marketing Agency

We’re one of the top B2B digital marketing agencies in the world. We’ve been awarded and recognized by industry-leading platforms.

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We have these 5 distinctive types of partnership.

Choose What’s Best For You!

White Label Program

White Level Program is the best fit for those who want to sell services without taking the hassle of doing the work. 

If you are already occupied with a lot of work and do not have enough human resources and time, you can choose our white level services. 

Monsterclaw’s white-label services will allow you to launch a new service, build your work portfolio and grow your business. And you don’t need to spend time managing teams and working on the projects. 

Being a white-level partner of ours gives you the privilege of choosing our services when you need them. We’ll always give priority to our partners than other agencies/freelancers who are not our partners.

Anyone who wants to provide digital services without investing time and doing the work can become a partner of our white label program.


Affiliate Program

MonsterClaw’s Affiliate program can be your main passive income stream. It’s a high-ticket affiliate program.

It is easy to earn a high commission. Your only work is to refer us.

When you refer us to potential customers, we really work hard to close deals for you. When the deals are closed, we pay you hefty commissions. 

The program is for anyone who has connections with people who need our digital marketing services.

You can earn the basis of leads and sales. We have two affiliate payment options for you.

One option is a one-time high commission.

Another is a recurring payment. You can choose what you want.


Many digital marketing agencies have limited human resources and are often overloaded with work. They want to hand over their project by sharing project bills.

Sub-agency program is appropriate for them. In this program, you will get headache-free, instant services from us. You can leverage our team expertise and can get your work done efficiently.

This program will save your time and energy when you immediately need someone to do your projects.

Being our sub-agency partner, you will have the priority when it comes to sharing project work.

Any digital agency/digital marketing agency with similar services is most appropriate to become our sub-agency.

Influencers Program

Are you an influencer with tons of warm followers? If you are, then this program is appropriate for you.

We manage affiliate programs of many reputed brands. And we work with many influencers with their affiliate/advertising campaigns.

We have the exact data on what program is best in what niche and will bring higher revenue for you.

We will also suggest similar affiliate programs that will generate high revenue for you.

Every influencer will get a dedicated manager. Managers will help you in launching and scaling your campaigns.

Being a part of our influencer program, you’ll get access to our premium influencers network group.

Why Partner With Us

Top B2B digital Marketing Agency

As well as leading the way in affiliate marketing, we are also recognized as one of the top B2B digital marketing agencies in the world. Clutch named us in their shortlist of leading agencies in 2020.

Expertise and Reliability

Clients love us. They have recommend us and helping us consistently to grow. See some love notes from our clients on Clutch & SEOblog. We're also a Hubspot Solution Provider.

Scalable Solutions

Monsterclaw can help you in scaling your agency. With our white-label and sub-agency program, you can efficiently launch and grow your business without worrying about managing teams and clients.

Worked With Reputed Brands

We've worked with big brands. We have worked from Startup to Enterprise Level Clients, We’ve got all covered. Some of the Startup has become giant working with us. We grow when our clients grow.

Dedicated Partnership Support

We have a dedicated partnership team to assist you in every step of achieving your goals. They will help you in planning, promoting, executing your partnership campaigns

Expeditious Service

We know the value of time. We give you instant service when you need it most. We ensure that every work is done within a given time. You will always get efficient and speedy service.

How Our Partnership Program Works

Our partnership program is invite only at the moment, not open for everyone. To be our partner, follow these steps.

Fill Up the Enquiry Form

Once you a fill up our partnership program enquiry form providing your information, our partnership team will check your enquiry form and will contact you. Our Partnership program team will also help you understand our program details and will assist you in every step.

Sign Partnership Agreement

After receiving your query, our partnership team will schedule a meeting with you. They will send you a partnership agreement both parties have agreed to work together.

Start working and Growing

After signing the partnership agreement, we can start working together.
Our team will provide you constant support and will take other necessary steps.

Boost Your Revenue with Our Partnership Program!

Earn, Scale and Grow.