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Affiliate Programs

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The key to success of any affiliate program is A Solid Affiliate Management Process. At MonsterClaw, we use our decade long experience and industry expertise to implement a management process for your Affiliates to get the most out of them to grow the sales significantly.

Every little detail covered

Effective affiliate management is all about keeping all the small details in check.

Whether you are setting up a new affiliate program, or you’ve already got a campaign up and running, we can help you to manage affiliate relationships, monitor clicks and sales, make adjustments to increase conversions, and much more.

Our Affiliate Management Process

Affiliate Audit

We start by doing an in-depth audit of your affiliate program. We check everything from the technical setup to the type of affiliates you have in your affiliate program to each active campaign by your affiliates. After the audit, we create a detailed plan to improve your overall affiliate program and your affiliates’ performance.

Affiliate Activation

You may have a thousand affiliates but if they are not activated then you’re not making any money from the affiliate program. That is why we implement a strong activation process for all affiliates. We have a solid process from the moment of affiliate signup to when they launch a campaign to promote your brand. 

We help the affiliates with materials and campaign support. Our managers keep the affiliates engaged, answer all their queries, actively monitor and ban fraud ones. Our managers are always connected with the affiliates to keep them in the loop, share ideas, and help them to run successful campaigns. 

We can also provide content and design services to create ads, banners, marketing emails, guest blog posts, and other material to help promote your brand through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Management

We start affiliate management by segmenting your affiliates in different types like active sales-driving affiliates, active traffic-driving affiliates, dead/inactive affiliates and implement management processes for each type of affiliate to get the most out of them. We also segment the affiliates based on the influence they have over their audience. We categorize them as standard affiliates, plus affiliates, super-affiliates, and VIP affiliates. 

After segmenting the affiliates, we screen each affiliate campaign that is live and help the affiliates to improve the conversion rate from their campaign. Our affiliate managers have years of experience in improving affiliate campaign conversion and they know where the campaign needs tweaks to get the most out of the affiliates’ campaign.

Brand & Fraud Management

We also screen each campaign for the brand reputation or fraud management so all affiliate claims fit the business’s brand policy to help with the brand reputation. We actively monitor and keep a record of all the content that affiliates publish to promote your brand. We educate the affiliates about your branding guidelines. All the dos and don’ts of your products and services so every campaign speaks for the brand.

Getting the most from your affiliate campaigns

MonsterClaw LLC’s affiliate managers will:

Our affiliate management service is performance-focused and we create the right conditions to maximize your ROI.

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