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Available Digital Marketing Consultants – Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing & Multi-Channel Digital Marketing

With over a decade in the business, we develop strategies to level-up your marketing and accelerate growth.

Not getting the results you want?

Failing to generate leads? Conversion rates not great?

It’s easy to get frustrated if you’re not getting good results or ROI from your marketing.

Don’t worry – we can help.

We have a wealth of experience in all aspects of digital marketing, especially affiliate marketing, SEO, content creation, and multi-channel marketing to boost business growth.

Maybe you have gaps in your marketing know-how, you’ve tried other marketing agencies with lacklustre results, or you’ve never tried digital marketing before. 

Whatever your situation, we offer expert consultation and strategy development services to help you reach new heights.

We can help you

We are offering a wide range of consulting services including:
  • Affiliate marketing – setup, recruitment, and management.
  • SEO development – helping you identify the right keywords and plan on-page and off-page SEO strategies
  • Content marketing – developing strategies for blogging, video content, social media posting, plus more
  • Funnel design – let us help you to plan and create a sales funnel that maximises conversions

Focus on growth

We have a simple goal here at MonsterClaw – to help your business grow beyond your expectations.

To achieve maximum growth you need to market your brand across multiple channels, applying a joined-up strategy.

You also need to track, monitor, and adjust your marketing efforts to get peak performance. 

Our expert knowledge enables us to help plan and implement successful cross-channel strategies and techniques.

Fine-tuning your marketing efforts

One of our strengths is our ability to carry out a full audit of your current marketing strategies and campaigns, analyse the data, apply our expertise, and provide you with results-driven guidance and direction.


In our team, we have highly skilled professionals, including data scientists and neuro-marketers who can advise you on strategies that will put you head and shoulders above the competition.

Digital marketing and technology experts

If you’re confused by the sheer amount of marketing platforms, channels, apps, and software out there, don’t worry.  Here at MonsterClaw, we have an in-depth understanding of marketing technology and how to apply it. 


We can help you to implement new software and branch out to new platforms.

Versatile marketing consultants

We have helped clients from a wide array of industries and verticals to boost their growth with results-focused marketing strategies.


Our consultancy team will take the time to understand your business, your market, and the unique challenges you face. Combining this with deep marketing know-how helps us to create  powerful strategies that make a big difference.


Years of



Meet Our Lead Consultant

Rifat Ahmed

CEO, MonsterClaw LLC

Rifat is one of the best when it comes to marketing. Being an enthusiastic gamer, he started affiliate marketing 13+ years ago to free up some time to play video games. With more than a decade long career in affiliate advertising,  digital marketing, neuromarketing and top of the line SEO education, Rifat is among the very few with a 360 degree marketing knowledge.

He offers –

– Digital Marketing Strategy Development Consultation
– Affiliate Marketing (Advertiser focused) Consultation
– Enterprise SEO Consultation
– Conversion Rate Optimization Consultation

Meet Our Other Senior Consultants

Farzana Mahmud
Google Certified Digital Marketing Specialist

Farzana is specialized in business growth strategy, and extensive business planning. You can take her help to discover your business factors, and identify potential growth opportunities.

Abdullah Mahmud
Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Abdullah has over 7+ years of practical SEO experience. He has profound knowledge of both e-com and service sectors and helped enterprise-level brands hit seven figures through organic.

Tasnim Abedeen
Senior Content Marketing Strategist

Tasnim has over 10+ years of experience in the content industry. He has a deeper understanding of the audience persona and has designed several successful omni-channel content strategies to date.

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