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Discover how to design a successful digital marketing campaign from industry experts! Our digital marketing consultants have worked in 18 industries and helped over 373 businesses.


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Rifat Ahmed

CEO, MonsterClaw LLC

15+ Years of experiences
12+ Awards Won

Rifat is one of the best when it comes to marketing. Being an enthusiastic gamer, he started affiliate marketing 13+ years ago to free up some time to play video games. With more than a decade long career in affiliate advertising,  digital marketing, neuromarketing and top of the line SEO education, Rifat is among the very few with a 360 degree marketing knowledge.

He offers –

– Digital Marketing Strategy Development Consultation
– Affiliate Marketing (Advertiser focused) Consultation
– Enterprise SEO Consultation
– Conversion Rate Optimization Consultation

Get the Results Your Business Deserves

Most digital media campaigns fail, rather miserably. 

Well, there are multiple reasons for such a high percentage of campaign failures, but the majority of failures happen due to poor strategy and planning. 

We want to make sure your campaign belongs to the ‘other 50%,’ the successful ones. 

MonsterClaw’s digital marketing consultancy is designed to help you build a campaign that guarantees success.

The key challenges for business owners are- choosing the right marketing channels, developing killer content, strategically promoting the products and services, and the list goes on and on. 

The best way not to get overwhelmed by all these is to take advice from someone who has been in the digital marketing industry for years and has run many successful campaigns. 

And we have quite a few consultants to help you out! 

Our consultants have run over 50 successful campaigns and helped businesses generate $22.2M+ profit/revenue.

So, what can our consultants do for you?

We start with understanding your business first. We are interested in the problems you are facing in growing your business. 

Failing to generate leads? Poor conversion rates?

It’s easy to get frustrated if you’re not getting good results or ROI from your marketing.

We want to figure out the underlying cause and help you solve them. Our consultants have run campaigns for over 18 number of industries, and gathered insider industry insights that can add great value to your business.

We come up with feasible and effective solutions. We understand that not every solution fits every business, and our consultants advise accordingly. Our solutions will fit your objectives, timeline, budget, and ambition.

Focused on Growth

Businesses that have taken consultancy from our consultants, enjoyed 789% growth on average. With their consultancy, many businesses have become industry leaders from struggling startups.

Versatile Marketing Consultants

No matter which marketing channel you prefer, our experts will be able to help you. We have experience in working with literally every single marketing channel, and developed strategies to come on top of stiff competition. We can help you to implement new software and branch out to new platforms.

Industry Experts

Our consultants are industry trendsetters. We don’t just identify industry trends, we start them. With decades of experience, we can predict where the industry will move to in the upcoming days, and help you strategize accordingly.

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