We’ll find the right affiliates to promote your brand and boost your sales.

Save time with our affiliate expertise

At MonsterClaw, we’ve been sourcing and building relationships with affiliates for over a decade. 


We know how to get all the relevant information from you and use it to find you the perfect fit – affiliates that align well with your brand, who will promote your goods or services to the right audience. 


In other words, we source the best affiliates for turning traffic into clicks and conversions. 


We already have a large network of affiliates that we regularly work with in a wide array of sectors and industries.


Even if you already have an affiliate strategy in place, we can help to future-proof it by identifying potential new affiliates.

We’ll zero-in on the right affiliates for you

MonsterClaw LLC’s affiliate recruitment team will:


  • Source powerful affiliates that maximise clicks and conversions
  • Reach out to prospective affiliates and began the recruitment process
  • Negotiate contract terms and affiliate agreements to get the best deal
  • Help to compete with your rivals more effectively 
  • Boost your sales and accelerate growth

Clients love us.

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