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Why Consider WordPress For Your Business?

The reliability and scalability are unmatched at no monthly cost.

WordPress is undoubtedly the best CMS for the startup to the enterprise level. This is by far the most customizable and at the same time, super easy-to-use platform. WordPress will give you the freedom to think out of the box, come up with functionalities that define your business identity, and when you are feeling creative you can even publish a blog from your mobile.

We recommend you WordPress for someone of these below benefits, as we are enjoying these ourselves.


The number one factor is reliability. Big corporations with millions of visitors are using WordPress. The CMS has been there since 2003, and it’s been updated several times in the last 19 years to earn the reliability it has today. When you are using WordPress, you know there is always a solution, and it’ll be fixed. If you want new functionality, you know it’ll be done. If you want to drive a million traffic, you know with the proper server - the CMS won’t slow down, and you won’t lose business.


You can start with just a landing page, then turn it into a blog, later when you have readers - you can start a store, and when you make great money and people are asking how you did it - you can start a course. WordPress is one of the most scalable solutions for businesses we have ever come across. We generally can’t think of anything that we can’t do with WordPress, which can kind of give you the sense of scalability here. You can start at any size, and you can grow to any size, all in WordPress.

User Friendly

It’s really easy to use. It’s like using the software. The admin panel is very friendly. Even if you are a non technical person, with only a few 5 minutes of video training, we believe you’ll be able to do most of the basic “website admin” things such as publishing a new article by yourself. Elementor PRO made it even more fun to use. It’s a simple tool, which you can use to edit texts, make changes to your website, or even be a web designer for fun! All our wordpress solutions include an Elementor PRO license (complimentary), so you won’t miss out on the fun.

Stable & Secure

Sometimes things can go sideways, and you can face hack attempts. There are multiple services optimized for WordPress to keep you safe from hack attempts. And, even if in the worst case, you get hacked, there are easy restore services from automated backups. WordPress is used for mostly high-traffic websites, which receive a lot of cyber threats, and for that reason WordPress has been updated several times, and there are multiple third-party services to keep your website stable and secure.

Our WordPress Services

Pixel-perfect, bug-free, high-quality wordpress solutions are just a click away.

1. Corporate WordPress Website

Our corporate website is the ideal solution for corporates offering professional services.

You can have a beautiful wordpress based website positioned for educating your clients, showing them your portfolio, booking appointments, or selling right on the spot.

We understand the funnel phycology, and we can prepare your wordpress corporate site to funnel your audience through your designed process.

If you don’t have a funnel, don’t worry, we can also design it for you.

The corporate website is ideal for professionals looking to dominate their target niche within the target geo.


Corporate WordPress Website

Our corporate website is the ideal solution for corporates offering professional services.

2. WordPress-Based e-Commerce Site

If you want to start a shop on your existing blog or get a brand new e-commerce store, this is for you. We can set up & optimize a WordPress-backed, WooCommerce-based e-com site, where you can integrate your full e-com ecosystem.

You can purpose your store for selling your own branded stuff, or dropshipping.

WordPress sites are highly customizable, so you can have any option from your competitors, or can go creative.

The store will have powerful features, a wish list, cart, members, coupons, and everything else for you to be successful. And, not only that, it’ll be optimized for all devices, so you can target mobile, tab, and desktop audiences across all kinds of screen size.


Our WordPress based e-com solution is ideal for starting your own e-com business.

3. EdTech/ Education / Coaching Site

If you want to share your knowledge via an interactive course or have multiple mentors to create high-value courses for you, then the wordpress based EdTech site will help you educate, take exam and certify thousands of students, all with great automation.

We can create amazing education/coaching sites for you, where you can have recorded classes, self-paced videos, checklists, guides, exams, certifications, etc.

Our system will also help you reduce unauthorized shares, resell, or group buys to reduce damage and will help grow the profit.


Our EdTech sites are perfect for mentors offering training for niche audience.

4. Niche Sites (Affiliate / Adsense)

I know you know a lot about pets and you want to own and make money from a pet niche blog through affiliate or Adsense. Or maybe not pet – it’s something different that you have passion about. Or heck, it’s just your next niche blog for affiliates.

Whatever kind of “niche blog” you need, with whatever monetization method you have in mind, we got you covered.

We have been building niche sites for as long as we can remember, and we absolutely love building these sites. And, we are gonna brag about it – we are amazing at it.

We can build you a powerful WordPress-backed niche site, that looks beautiful, loads faster, have great typography, feels amazing to read across any device, have various monetization features… wait, and not only that but also have all those SEO “things” you are looking for.

These niche sites are ideal for blogging, creating authority, doing networks, running affiliate campaigns, building a list of potential subscribers, and more.

We believe the niche sites we build are assets that can be flipped anytime.



Our niche sites are perfect if you just want to start blogging and monetize.

Glimpse Of Our Work

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  • Affiliate Sites
  • Ecommerce Sites
  • Niche Sites

Scraper API

We deployed affiliate tracking software and built high-converting landing pages for ScraperApi. The business experienced exponential growth with our services

Dream Controller

We deployed affiliate tracking software and built high-converting landing pages for DreamController.
Deeper Dating

Deeper Dating

We deployed affiliate tracking software and built high-converting landing pages for Deeper Dating.


We deployed affiliate tracking software and built high-converting landing pages for Prerender.
Home Guard

Home Guard Tactical

We customized and optimized over a thousand products for this outdoor and adventure gear business
Hearing Aid Expert

Hearing Aid Expert

We developed a complete WordPress website for this aspiring hearing aid info hub.
Nano Hearing Aid

Nano Hearing Aids

We developed a WordPress website and integrated Woocommerce for Nano. Our work resulted in increased sales
Tree Spirit Wellness

Tree Spirit

We customized and optimized products for this reputable organic product wholesaler. With our work, the business experienced improvements in terms of sales.
Autism flow

Autism flow

We developed the whole blog section for AutismFlow. Our work resulted in more returning visitors.

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Industry Experts

Our team consists of web developers who are industry experts with years of experience under their belt.

Attention To Detail

Our team thrives for perfection and we deliver outcomes for your business that exceed your expectations.

Personalized Support

We pride ourselves on our friendly, client-focused approach. You’ll get a dedicated strategy manager as a single point of contact, with regular sync meetings.

Fast and Prompt Delivery

We understand the value of your time and ensure timely delivery for any project you assign us.

Privacy & Security

Your data is safe and sound with us. We handle all data carefully and apply an internal Data Protection Policy (DPP) alongside enterprise data security partners.

Proven Track Record

All our clients who received our services in the past spoke highly of our developers. You can expect the same for your business too.

MonsterClaw Quality Assurance

We follow a 6-step process to ensure you with the best possible WordPress services. Each of these 6 steps is an important piece in the puzzle and carried out by industry veterans to ensure the development quality has been met.

Project Planing and Initiation

We have project managers with over 9 years of experience to ensure the project planning is proper.

Website Design

We ensure the websites design, layout, wireframe, user-experience and other vital things are industry standard.

Server Configuration & Plugin Selection

We ensure the server power is adequate, the environment has been set perfectly, and only necessary plugins are installed.


We use several checklists to ensure the development process has been met with every minor details, such as site wide alignment.

Quality Grading and Testing

Once we are done with the developmental process, we engage our quality grading officers to test and improve to perfection.

Live Monitoring

Once the site goes through Quality control, and has been tested to perfection. We make the site live, and we monitor it for 30 days.

Clients Love us

Mike Volkin CEO at Freelancer Masterclass

While the results are ongoing, MonsterClaw LLC has lived up to expectations. Their team is efficient and communicative, quickly responding to all queries.

Frederick Lansky PointsPanda LLC

Extremely good first experience working with Rifat, Polas and the MonsterClaw LLC team, they did in one week what my previous developer couldn’t do in a month.

Ken Page & Gregory Romer Deeperdating

Wonderful, careful, thoughtful work. Top to bottom, this team was nothing short of great. And we knew nothing going into this..they were very helpful! Three cheers!!

Earle G. Tag Crazy

Excellent quality of work and communication, schedule were all very good. I'd recommend Rifat and his team to anyone seeking their services.

Joeel Transformation Academy

Rifat is wonderful to work with. He is insightful, knowledgeable and great at communicating. We look forward to future projects.

Julien Josset North Star Network

Perfect job, good team. Thank you.

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We provide WordPress development services & solutions that are insanely fast, reliable, and proven to acquire more clients.