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Rifat Ahmed

Lead SEO Strategist at MonsterClaw LLC

Rifat is passionate about acquiring high-ticket customers through his SEO strategy. His consultation sessions are interactive, ideal for both advanced SEO matters, and absolute beginners.

15+Years of CMO experience

Forbes Business Council Member

100+ Startup SEO Projects Handled

16+ Fortune 500 SEO Project Handled

Talks about International & Local SEO

Talks about Service & Product SEO

How Can You Benefit From
Our Free SEO Consultation?

Multiple SEO factors can drastically affect your search rankings. It’s crucial to identify these factors and specifically use effective SEO strategies to improve your position in major search engine rankings, that includes Google or Bing and many others. 

With our 30 Minutes Free SEO Consultation Service, we will help you determine the best course of action to gear up your SEO metrics. 

Our suggestions will be instrumental in developing your organic search traffic which will help you gain more inbound leads, increased revenue, and higher business growth.

What Can You Expect From
Our Free SEO Consultation?

With MonsterClaw LLC’s Free SEO Consultation, you will get a clear understanding of the problems that need to be addressed, along with possible solutions. 

Our SEO consultants will recommend a range of solutions, starting from simple SEO tweaks to applying competitive strategies. 

By the end of the consultancy, you’ll be well aware of whatever needs to be done to improve your website’s search rankings and gain a competitive edge over your rivals.

Our Free SEO Consultation Can Help You Stay


Our SEO consultants will provide you with the most suitable tips and guidelines to help you figure out effective strategies to stay ahead of the competition. To rank top on the top search engine results, you need to make sure to maintain some crucial steps and tactfully execute your SEO strategies. We will help you identify the opportunities and threats to formulate a robust strategy to stand out amongst the competition.


Your competitors will be coming up with unique strategies to outrank you and the search engine dynamics are constantly changing. You need to stay up to date with the latest information and abide by Google, Bing, and other search engine guidelines. Our SEO consultants will give you constructive tips to help you create a highly adaptive and sustainable SEO strategy.


Applying unique SEO strategies definitely requires a blend of creativity to enrich your content by making them more appealing and enticing to your target audience. You need to understand how to add a mix of creativity and create an outstanding impression to encourage your site visitors to spend more time on your website. Our Free SEO consultancy will help you determine effective tactics to help you boost SEO creativity.


Our SEO consultants are industry leaders who have 5+ years of experience at their disposal. With continuous research, we are developing new techniques and methods for exceptional SEO results. We have helped businesses rank on major search engines such as Google & Bing, which has exponentially increased their organic search traffic with a staggering increase in revenue by more than 5000% in a few months.

In a nutshell, you’ll be getting the following from our 30 Minutes Free SEO Consultation,

Frequently asked questions

SEO consulting is an open-ended informative discussion in which the SEO consultant educates and informs the client of potential opportunities to grow their online presence and obstacles that might hinder business growth.

An SEO Consultant is a specialist with extensive experience who can provide valuable suggestions to rank your website on top search engine results and streamline sustainable organic leads, increase brand awareness, and business growth.

SEO is very technical, and multiple factors need to be considered to understand what should be done to improve your search rankings. So, a consultation will help you understand specific areas that need improvements. 

Mistakes in SEO can ruin your business’s online presence and recovery can be very difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. So to stay on the safe side, it is highly recommended to consult an SEO expert.

We have leading industry SEO experts with more than 5 years of experience. Along with the accomplishment of various successful SEO projects, our experts have helped businesses thrive. 

So yes, attending our 30-Minutes Free SEO Consultation will help you understand issues that need to be resolved and determine effective strategies to improve your search rankings. This is a one-time opportunity to get free hands-on advice from SEO experts.

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