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With free SEO consultation from MonsterClaw LLC, unlock the hidden potential of your website and rank for top search engine results. Starting from simple SEO tweaks to competitive strategies, our SEO consultants can make a real difference in your site’s search engine visibility.

Why SEO Consultation

Our organic SEO consultation will help you build effective SEO strategies to maximize the number of your inbound leads. Our consultants have developed unique methods that make your website valuable to Google. They are happy to share these methods with you, free of charge.


Our guidelines will enable you to stand out from the crowd, and you must stand out from the crowd generate traffic from search engines. With enormous competition, you need the best strategies and our consultants will help you with that.


It is difficult to make SEO campaigns successful without being creative due to overwhelming competition. Our organic SEO consultants will bring the creative touch to your campaigns.


Make sure you don’t lose your ranks overnight because of Google updates with adaptive SEO techniques from our SEO consultants.


Our consultants are industry leaders who have 5+ years of experience at their disposal. With continuous research, we are developing new techniques and methods for exceptional SEO results.

Meet Our Consultants

Rifat Ahmed

CEO, MonsterClaw

Rifat is one of the world’s best when it comes to digital marketing. Being an enthusiastic gamer, he started affiliate marketing 13+ years ago to free up some time to play video games and now have more than a decade long career in affiliate advertising and digital marketing. Rifat is among the very few with complete industry knowledge which includes neuromarketing & advance SEO.


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Farzana Mahmud
Business Growth Specialist (SEO-AFFILIATE-CONTENT)

Farzana is specialized in setting up and growing multiple marketing channels including Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing.

Abdullah Mahmud
Senior SEO Expert

Abdullah is helping businesses to grow & scale up. His specialty is SEO planning, marketing strategy creation, auditing, link building, and monitoring.

Sajjadul Islam
On-Page SEO Expert

Sajjadul Islam is an On-Page SEO expert and now he is leading the full on-page SEO team. He is a quick learner and very passionate about Search Engine Optimization.

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