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7 Surprising Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

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In today’s digital world, there are about 24 million online businesses worldwide, out of which the success rate of online businesses ranges from 10% to 20%. 

So, that means about 80% to 90% of online businesses end up failing. Have you ever wondered, why? 

The main reason here is that despite having a solid business plan, and a good amount of budget, many businesses end up applying the wrong digital marketing strategies. 

There are many companies that try to copy others and refer to online materials to create their own digital marketing strategy.

But here’s the ugly truth, without knowing what works and what doesn’t, you can’t simply come up with a full-fledged digital marketing strategy, and expect it to succeed.

Besides, digital marketing is a versatile combination of multiple marketing specializations that include affiliate marketing, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, PPC marketing, and more. 

Each of these digital marketing specializations requires extensive knowledge, experience, and technical expertise. You need to be an expert to create and run successful digital marketing campaigns with profound digital marketing knowledge. 

So, that’s why it is crucial for you to hire a digital marketing agency with a team of experts to run successful marketing campaigns.

This article discusses 7 surprising benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency to help you realize your business’s untapped growth potential. 

7 Surprising Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

1. Expertise and Specialization

By hiring a digital marketing agency, you will gain access to a specialized team of digital marketing experts. 

Although each digital marketing specialization is unique and requires a different set of strategies and approaches, they still depend on one another to run successful digital marketing campaigns and enhance business growth.

For instance, in order to run SEO campaigns, you will need to apply a solid content marketing strategy. Plus, social media marketing requires a combined specialization of multiple aspects of digital marketing. 

Suppose you want to acquire traffic, gain qualified leads, and convert them into paying customers. In that case, you will have to apply a combination of multiple specialized digital marketing strategies to attract and captivate your target audience. 

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Hiring a digital marketing agency might seem fairly expensive but if you compare the cost-effectiveness of your investments, then in the long run it can be more beneficial. 

If you’re doing your own digital marketing campaigns, then you will have to invest in various marketing tools, and you solely rely on your skills. 

Even if you’ve acquired skills in multiple fields of digital marketing, your business’s growth is still limited by the amount of daily productive hours. 

In reality, it is tough to have a high level of proficiency in multiple digital marketing skills, so that’s another limitation that can hinder your business’s growth potential. 

You can hire in-house digital marketing professionals, but if you compare the overall cost of building full-fledged digital marketing teams then you may need to spend a significantly higher amount. 

So, ultimately it’s better, and more cost-effective to hire a digital marketing agency, as they have specialized teams, tools, and all the resources required for massive online marketing. 

Depending on the requirements of your business, it is likely to cost you $5,000 to $10,000 or more per month to acquire a combined digital marketing plan from leading digital marketing agencies. 

3. Time-Saving

Applying a range of digital marketing strategies isn’t a walk in the park, there are so many comprehensive marketing activities that require a significant amount of time. 

You will have to create content plans, conduct keyword research, do SEO, run ad campaigns, generate leads, and so much more. 

If you’re doing all these individually then it won’t be possible for you to properly focus on either aspect of your marketing strategies. 

Plus, you can’t expect a small marketing team to be time efficient for applying so many rigorous marketing strategies. 

So, that’s why you need to consider hiring a digital marketing agency that has full-fledged teams for SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, etc. 

Digital marketing agencies have dedicated teams who specialize in different aspects of digital marketing with a high level of service proficiency. 

Therefore, hiring a digital marketing agency will be more time efficient for you, as each of these specialized teams can deliver quality results by being more time efficient. 

4. Access to Advanced Tools and Technologies 

It is impossible to do proper digital marketing without the use of many advanced tools. 

For example, you will need SEO tools like Ahrefs, or SEMRush to conduct keyword research, SEO audits, backlink research, content gap analysis, and more. 

Alongside, you will require sophisticated tracking tools to analyze customer behavior, and many marketing automation tools for email, and social media marketing.

Acquiring all of these advanced tools may not be feasible for you, and if you’re not able to use these tools properly you will be wasting a huge chunk of your budget, ultimately that’s a tremendous loss for your business.

So, to stay on the safe side, it is best to hire a digital marketing agency that has access to all these advanced digital marketing tools. Plus, as they are proficient in using these tools their strong technical know-how will immensely benefit your company’s online growth. 

5. Targeted and Data-Driven Strategies 

You can’t do effective digital marketing based on guesswork, you will have to be extremely strategic and apply a targeted and data-driven approach. 

To apply a data-driven approach, it is crucial to understand customer psychology, properly analyze market conditions, and effectively evaluate complex data. 

You will need to have solid technical know-how, and proficient research skills to create effective data-driven marketing strategies. 

Digital marketing experts are trained professionals with years of extensive experience in analyzing and comprehending various types of data, and information. 

Digital marketing agencies have specialized teams to process and effectively assess different types of marketing data to create effective strategies tailored to boost sales and business growth. 

So, by hiring a reputed digital marketing agency you can seamlessly leverage various immense benefits of applying a proven data-driven approach.

6. Increased Brand Awareness & Online Presence

Digital marketing can either make or break your business. If you are applying the right set of strategies, then your business is likely to thrive, but if you don’t apply the right marketing techniques then no matter how hard you try you won’t be able to achieve optimal success. 

Now, the term success can be subjective here, if you are not aware of your business’s true growth potential, you may be unknowingly settling for lesser sales and lesser profit. 

When it comes to creating effective brand awareness, and online presence it is highly essential to apply an omnichannel marketing strategy.

You need to properly tap into the major digital marketing channels to maximize your brand awareness, and online presence. 

According to recent statistics, it was found that 81% of online shoppers use search engines before making a purchase decision. And, 82% of digital buyers use social media to interact with businesses and discover products and services that they are interested to purchase. 

The majority of online customers also go through various forums, blogs, and other online resources to find, and discover brands that they would like to purchase from. 

It is crucial for you to effectively conduct SEO, social media marketing, and engage with customers in forums, and other online communities. You also need to create informative blog posts, and articles to entice increased customer demand, and improve the entire customer journey. 

So, if you want to apply a super effective omnichannel marketing strategy then it is vital for you to hire a reliable digital marketing agency that specializes in multiple aspects of digital marketing. 

7. Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

Whether it’s SEO, social media marketing, PPC, or any other digital marketing strategy, it is necessary to consistently monitor, and track various metrics, and optimize accordingly. 

Applying an effective omnichannel marketing strategy isn’t a one-time thing, you will have to track and monitor your CTR (click-through rate), website traffic, conversion rate, number of sales, and many other factors.

You will have to effectively use Google Analytics, and other social media analytics to understand, and decide which areas on your website, and social media require maintenance, optimization, and improvement. 

And, you will have to effectively implement various changes every now and then to enhance the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. 

Unless you’re an expert in SEO, social media, marketing, and PPC it may be very difficult for you to comprehend the actual problem and apply effective measures to resolve them.

A good digital marketing agency specializes in effectively monitoring, tracking, and analyzing various important digital marketing metrics. 

And, they are well aware of many tried and tested digital marketing strategies to extensively improve your business’s optimal growth. 

So, if you want your business to keep growing at a rapid pace, you should definitely consider hiring a renowned digital marketing agency. 


At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide whether you want to hire a digital marketing agency to scale up your business’s growth.

But as digital marketing agencies have specialized teams to incentivize your business’s growth, and are well aware of various established techniques and strategies they can most likely do a great job in boosting your business’s online presence, and revenue stream. 

In this article, we have stated the top 7 benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency to showcase the untapped opportunities that you may have been missing out on. 

Yet again if you’re in a dilemma, or if you’re interested to acquire professional digital marketing services any time soon, we would recommend you to sign up for our Free Digital Marketing Consultation

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