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How to Outrank a Tough Competitor in Search Engine Rankings

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Outranking a tough competitor is a hard nut to crack. 

This article is for those business owners who are losing potential customers and tons of revenue because their competitors’ are ranking higher than them in Search Engine.

To Outrank your Tough Competitors, you need to come up with the Perfect Strategy. If you choose the wrong strategy, you will lose potential revenue, valuable time, and your investment to outrank your competitors. 

In this article, we will talk about the proven strategies that have succeeded for our clients in outranking their toughest competitors.   

Here are some of the most successful strategies that we’ve used to outrank our Client’s Competitor.

Robust Content Strategy

Quality content serves as the fuel to the SEO Engine. Google analyzes the quality, relevance, and usefulness of all the content for the users. If your website content quality is not better than your competitors, there is no way you can outrank them.

Top-notch content strategy can surely help you outrank your competitors. You need to consider some major things while creating a content strategy – 

  • Content Gap between your Website and your Competitor’s Website so you understand where to focus while reoptimizing or creating your content.
  • Customer Journey Mapping to understand how your customers think so you can plan your content to help your customers make an informed decision.
  • Content Usefulness so make sure you’re providing value and educating your readers more than your competitors.
  • Content Relevance is one of the most important parts of a content strategy as Search Engine understands and can judge your contents relevancy. If your content isn’t relevant to your audience, it’s impossible to outrank your competitors.
  • You need to have clear content goals so you can guide your customers and educate them about your product or services in a way that helps them make a decision.

Your content is guiding your audience from the beginning to the end so you need to carefully craft your content strategy so your traffic starts getting value from the minute they land on your website till they convert.  

Quality Backlinks from Authority Site

Backlinks are considered as “votes of confidence” by Google and it helps Search Engine to understand the Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness of a website that is also known as the E-A-T factor.

Doesn’t matter how good your website content is, it’s nearly impossible to rank on the top page of Search Engine if you do not have quality backlinks. So you need a solid backlink strategy that helps your web pages rank higher and not increase the spam score of your website.

You need to consider some major things while create a Backlink strategy

  • Your Competitors Backlink Source VS Your Backlink Source. If your competitor is generating backlinks from sites that are of higher authority then there is likely any chance for you to outrank them.
  • You need a backlink strategy that focuses on the Quality of Backlinks rather than the quantity as a huge no of low-quality backlink will only help you outrank your competitor in spam score which will result in penalty and you’ll lose business rather than gaining.
  • Your strategy needs to focus on the Relevancy of the Backlinks as irrelevant backlinks won’t make no difference in your ranking and you’ll just be losing money. 
  • Your Backlink strategy also needs to involve the no-follow and dofollow backlinks Ratio in order for it to look as natural as possible.

Focus on the Right Keywords

There is no magic spell that can help you outrank your competitors in your desired keywords overnight because website authority has such a massive impact on your SERP ranking. So you need to carefully craft a keyword strategy that focuses on improving your website’s overall authority.

If you’re struggling to outrank your competitors in High Competitive Keywords then, You should focus on low competitive relevant keywords that you can easily outrank your competitors at and link those pages to high competitive keywords pages.

When you start getting more traffic and provide solid value to your audience, your website authority will increase in the eyes of Search Engines and you can then slowly focus on outranking your competitors in your desired High Competitive Keywords.. 

Revamp Your Overall SEO Strategy

Maybe you are applying many SEO strategies to outrank your competitors but not getting the desired results. Then this is the right time to revamp your entire SEO Strategy. Every business has their unique needs and every business needs a SEO strategy tailored to their needs. 

To identify what your business needs to really grow and scale you need to do a Deep SEO Audit of your website. A Deep SEO Audit will help you identify the gaps in your strategy and also find new opportunities to grow your revenue and uncover your businesses true potential.

If you want to find out your businesses true potential, then you can check our 10 Step Deep SEO Audit that can help you find the opportunities to outrank your toughest competitors. 

You can also take advice from an Expert and get a one-hour free consultation. 

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Abdullah Mahmud is the Head of the SEO department at MonsterClaw LLC. With over 8+ years of experience under his belt, Abdullah aspires to help growth-focused companies with their SEO campaigns.