Office Policy

(Updated: November 3, 2019)

(S1) Office Policy

a. Weekly work is 36 hours.
b. Daily minimum is 7 hours work.
c. Every hour will be tracked by software with screenshots, websites usage data.
d. Any irrelevant screenshot will be deleted with associated 10 minutes of work time.
e. If 36 hours are not completed, have to work on Saturday to make up.
f. Over 40 hours will be counted as “overtime”.
g. The total weekly hour count will be locked every Saturday at 11.59 pm.
h. If the total weekly hour count is less then 36hr, there will be fine.
I. 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm is lunch break.

(S2) Task Assignment & Reporting

a. All Tasks will be assigned via Task Manager
b. Every Task will have a strict deadline that you MUST have to hit.
c. If you are going to miss a deadline, notify your supervisor earlier.
d. Every task needs to be logged in Time Tracker, and track time.
e. When a task is done, post report/link on the task’s comment and add – done
f. The daily work report has to be submitted by 8.00 pm.
g. If you miss tracking hours, it’s your fault and you can not ask to add it manually.

(S3) Attendance & Leave

a. The office opens at 8.30 am (Sunday to Thursday).
b. The office opens at 11.00 pm, on Saturday.
c. The office will remain closed on Friday.
d. Loggin into “Time Tracker” will count as “attendance”.
e. The last time of counting attendance is 9.30 am.
f. A late fee will be charged automatically at 9.31 am.
g. An absent fee will be charged automatically at 11.30 am.
h. In-case of any emergency, a written application is needed to review late/absent fee.
i. All leaves are subject to written pre-approval from the CEO.

(S4) Over Time, Bonus & Fine

a. Overtime is 100TK per hour.
b. Less then 36hr/week work is 100TK/hr fine.
c. The late fee is 100TK/day.
d. The absent fee is 500TK/day.
e. 3 deadline fails in a week is subject to 1000 BDT fine from the commission.
f. If 12+ deadline fails in a month, BDT 5000 Fine will be charged and will be marked as bad performance, and we’ll count it as a “bad month”.
g. In the case of 2 bad months, 3rd month will be half salary, and if it doesn’t fix by 3rd month, the company can make hard decisions, including turning the job into probation for the next 3 months to give a chance to fix. Or even, take new people in the place.
h. Impressive work performance may earn an additional bonus in a quarter.
i. Overtime works need to be written pre-approval from the CEO.
j. If anyone, says any lie related to work update is subject to 500 BDT fine.

(S5) Salary & Commission

a. Fines, overtime and bonus, will be calculated by the 5th of every month.
b. The final amount (salary + overtime – fine) will be paid within the 10th every month
c. For up-work agency hour log – 100TK/hr will be the commission
d. Without written pre-approval – overtime works won’t be paid.
e. Commission will be given to qualified team members as per internal company policy.
f. The total commission (earning – fine) will be paid quarterly (every 3 months).
g. The company reserves the right to deduct half or full commission from anyone, anytime due to bad performance, or violation of any company policy.
h. If any employee quit’s job suddenly, the current quarter’s commission will be deducted.
I. The salary will be reviewed every year first quarter based on 3 criteria – performance, reliability, office culture.
J. Commission & Overtime payment is not applicable for “interns” and “probation period”.

(S6) Training & Personal Development

a. Every Saturday, we’ll conduct training classes on different topics.
b. Every Saturday, we’ll conduct an English Language Practice Session.
c. We’ll keep adding premium training to official training accounts for skill development
d. We will keep adding books on different skills/topics on request.
e. Every Saturday there will be an “Ask Me Anything” professional session with the CEO
f. You need to write 1 article every week about something new that you’ve learned.

(S7) Extra Income Facility

a. The company will fully support additional income opportunities (such as freelancing), as long as it doesn’t conflict/harm/distract the office works in any way, and helps develop relevant skill & experience.
b. Employees can learn/ask different extra income opportunities in the Saturday self-development session.
c. The company will support learning & building teams’ own affiliate campaigns on a 50% revenue-share basis.
d. Employees can use the company’s online assets upon written approval to use for their own affiliate account approval/campaigns.

(S8) Office Culture

a. Zero slang policy. No one can use any kind of bad word, in any situation. Complains like this can lead to serious consequences without any mercy.
b. No pinching, no personal attack, no negativity. In case of any personal attack/pinch, you can directly complain to the CEO, and it’ll be reviewed seriously.
c. Non-smoking zone. Smokers make sure to breathe clean before entering the office.
d. Hygienic. Keep the office desk, kitchen, your coffee mug, toilet clean.
e. Look Sharp, dress clean & use deo – to make the environment charming.
f. Be responsible. Do not wait for a task to be assigned, check what you can do and ask to assign that task to you.
g. Friends/family are allowed and warmly welcomed in the office. But stay time is a maximum of 30 minutes, and make sure not to disturb anyone in the office. If needed guests can use “guest wifi”.
h. Soft-spoken. No loud voice to keep the environment work-friendly.
i. No USB policy. No one can connect any outsiders / external USB device to any PC in the office to stay safe from spy / male ware software.
j. Different entertainment options such as music, movie, gaming have to be only before or after office hours, and during breaks.
k. Discussing politics / current affairs / contradictory topics are not allowed during office time.
l. Limit the use of personal social media during office time to as minimal as possible.

(S9) Internal Affairs / Legal / Emergency

a. In case of any medical emergency, the company will back up instantly till a reasonable level, later the funds can be adjusted from salary/commission.
b. For any family emergency, employees can take a loan, that will be adjusted from salary.
c. In case of any emergency, the company will call the “emergency contact” in the file, keeping the number updated is your responsibility.
d. In case of any legal issue/problem, the company will do it’s best to back up, and the associated cost will be adjusted from salary/commission.
e. In case of any argument/fight between team members – the one who started will be guilty regardless afterward how the other party reacted, and first-party will be punished accordingly.
f. Only printed or hand written document with date & signature is acceptable.
g. The company reserves the right to change/amend any rules, anytime without any explanation.
h. The company reserves the right to deal with any internal situation as arises to it’s best interest.