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Top Email Marketing Services in 2024

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Email marketing has been at its highest peak in recent years. From small businesses to big-name brands, use email marketing to increase sales. Affiliate marketers also use email marketing worldwide to build lists and generate traffic.

If you look into recent data figures, you might be surprised to know how effective email marketing is. Such as,

  • Global email marketing was valued at $7.5 billion in 2020 and is expected to increase to $17.9 billion by 2027. (Statistica)
  • More than 3.6 billion emails are sent and received daily. (Statistica)
  • Currently, there are 4 billion active email users worldwide. It is expected to grow to 4.6 billion by the year 2025. (Statistica)
  • Email marketing generates $42 revenue for every $1 spent, resulting in 4200% ROI. (Litmus)

Imagine how effective email marketing will be if it is automated. Marketing automation is the future; It saves tons of time, and we all know time is money. You will find a few popular email marketing services online.

This article shares the top 5 email marketing platforms for 2022. To select the best marketing software, you need to watch out for a few things.

Cost: Several email marketing platforms cost a lot. You need an affordable service that suits best for your business.

Managing contacts: You need to control your contacts and customize them the way you want.

Engaging emails: A good email marketing service will let you create highly engaging emails, providing resourceful information.

Tracking Options: Keeping track of your campaigns is critical for email marketing. You have to monitor your campaigns to understand your customer behavior. This is where all the money is.

Automation system, Autoresponder: A powerful email automation system is crucial; most people use email marketing.

Inbox rate: There is no business if your email doesn’t hit the inbox.

Top 5 Email Marketing Automation Tools


Getresponse email marketing software

GetResponse allows you to create highly engaging emails with their professional-looking email templates. Their interface is beginner-friendly, so it will not consume a lot of time to get used to. They have a fantastic tracking system with advanced features like One-click segment, Email ROI, Metrics Over Time, and Per User Information.

GetResponse is one of the best email marketing platforms for small business owners; the best part is their startup package is free. You can send emails to up to 500 contacts, and it also includes unlimited newsletters, 1 landing page, 1 website builder, custom domain, and sign-up forms.

Getresponse price plan

GetResponse is beginner-friendly software with good knowledge base resources for its users. Depending on your budget, you can customize the GetResponse package the way you want.

GetResponse Packages

If you decide to upgrade to their Basic package. In that case, you will get, Autoresponders, Unlimited Landing Pages, Unlimited Website Builder, Basic Segmentation, and Email Scheduling feature for $12.75/month with a 1000 list; you can increase the size of the limit by adding some extra money.

With their ‘Plus’ package, you get, Autoresponders, Landing pages (Advanced), Webinars 100 attendees, Marketing Automation, Scoring, Tagging, Tracking, Advanced Segmentation, Three Users, and Creation of 5 Sales Funnel for $41.65/month with 1000 list. This happens to be their top-selling package.

If you want more unlimited features, you should go for their ‘Professional package,’ which includes additional features such as E-Commerce CRM suite, 5 users, and Web Push Notifications.

The monthly packages include 15% off. If you choose the 12 monthly subscriptions, you can enjoy a whopping 30% discount and 40% for 24 months subscription.

They offer a free 30 days trial. Visit this link to know more details about their pricing: Getresponse.

These packages are mainly for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). Suppose you own a large business and require even more customized features. You can opt for these packages. The subscription price of these two packages is subject to agreement on negotiation.

GetResponse Company plan


ConvertKit email marketing software

ConvertKit is excellent for website owners or bloggers. They have a beginner-friendly interface with lots of options. Like GetResponse, their startup package is free as well, with which you can email up to 1000 subscribers per month.

Their free package is relatively better and cheaper than GetResponse, but their ‘basic package is comparatively more expensive as it is priced at $29 per month for sending emails to 1000 subscribers.

ConvertKit lets you easily organize your subscribers and tag them based on their activities. They have simple visual email automation tools.

They offer useful integration tools. You can easily connect with a landing page, e-commerce, membership sites, and more using these tools.

ConvertKit price

Their free subscription includes Unlimited Landing Pages & Forms, Email Broadcasts, Templates to Sell Digital Products & Subscriptions & Community Support.

If you upgrade their paid subscription, ‘Creator’ package, you can benefit from additional features like Live Chat & Email Support, Free Migration from Another Tool, Automated Funnels & Sequences at $29 per month.

Their ultimate package, ‘Creator Pro,’ comes with more additional features and accessibility, including Facebook Custom Audiences, Newsletter Referral System, Subscriber Scoring & Advanced Reporting at $59 per month.

You can toggle the subscription bar based on customizing your package. Once you confirm a paid subscription, you will get two months free trial.

  ConvertKit Creator Plan

The more you increase the number of subscribers, the more contacts you can email using their automated tool, leading to higher subscription charges per month.

It ranges from a minimum of 300 listings to a maximum of 500k+. If you choose their yearly subscription, it will cost you relatively lesser. For instance, the Creator pack will cost $25 for 1000 listings and $50 for Creative Pro.

To know more about their subscription packages on this link.


Aweber email marketing platform

Marketers and business owners have used Aweber for a long time. It provides a similar kind of service compared to GetResponse and ConvertKit.

Similarly, this tool also has Free Subscription. The features included in its free and paid packages are like the fusion of GetResponse and ConvertKit. The Free Package is limited to 500 contacts per month, and the paid subscription price allows 501 – 1000 contacts per month at $29.99.

The free subscription features include 500 Email Subscribers, Landing Pages, Web Push Notifications, Drag and Drop Builder, Email Templates, Sign-up Forms, E-Commerce Support Facilities, and more.

Additional features that their Pro Version offer include, Unlimited Email Listing, Advanced Email Automation, Remove AWeber Branding (Watermark), Details Insights & Analytics, Tracking of Webpage & Sales, Split Testing along with more features.

Aweber Packages

The user interface is easy to understand, so not a problem for starters. Aweber offers services like autoresponders, importing and hosting a list, responsive email designs, a good collection of email templates, integrations, reporting marketing automation, segment options, etc.

They provide live support, phone support, email support, and a good collection of resources and tutorials.

According to the comparison, we recommend GetResponse for SMEs, especially as the paid subscriptions are relatively cheaper with similar features.

Visit the link to more about their packages.

Constant Contact

Constant email marketing service

Constant Contact is one of the most powerful marketing platforms for marketers offering easy-to-use options. They have a variety of tools you can use to boost your business.

Unlike the first three tools, Constant Contact does not have any Free Package. But it does offer a free 30 days trial and base starting price from $20/m with 500 lists. You can increase the size of the list by creating a custom package. The cost of constant contact is slightly higher than other email marketing platforms.

They are one of the fastest-growing email marketing platforms. Their base price package is limited to 1 user, and it offers you unlimited emails, 500 lists/month, List-Building Tools, Email Templates, Autoresponders, Responsive Email Designs, reporting, integrations, marketing automation, etc.

Constant Contact Plan


MailChimp email marketing services

Mailchimp is the best email marketing platform for small business owners and starters. Unlike most email automation tools, their subscription prices and features are significantly different.

They have segmented their email automation packages into 2 categories: Marketing Platform & Transactional Email.


The Marketing Platform is mainly for SMEs. They have a free Package and three attractive paid packages. The best part is the Free Package itself includes all the multi-channel tools that you need to build your business and grow your audience.

You are getting Marketing CRM, the Creative Assistant that will extract brand color, logo, and fonts from your website and create designs from your campaigns. Along with Website Builder, MailChimp Domain, Forms, and Landing Pages.

If their Free Package is so good, think how awesome are their paid subscription with more premium additional features.

Mailchimp email pricing

Additional features included in the starting paid package ‘Essential’ include Email & Landing Page Template, Custom Journey Builder, Custom Branding, A/B Testing & 24/7 Email Chat Support.

You can send up to 500 contacts at $11. You can increase the number of contacts by clicking ‘how many contacts do you have’ and toggle the bar to increase the number of contacts.

The Standard Pack has more features such as Customer Journey Builder, Send Time Optimization, Behavioral Targeting, Custom Templates, and Dynamic Content, and it starts at $17.

The Premium Pack includes more additional features such as Advanced Segmentation, Multivariate Testing, Comparative Reporting, Unlimited Seats and Role-based Access, Live Call Support.

All the packages in the Marketing Platform segment include the toggle bar with which you can customize the number of maximum contacts/subscribers. Visit this link to know more about their Marketing Platform’s price plans.

Regardless of its size, every business’s primary goal is to make sales conversions. And for that, you need to send Transactional Emails to your customers. This automated feature can save your business a great deal of time and cost.

Transactional emails are purchase receipts sent to a customer after confirming a purchase on your website. It can even be the email sent for specific actions such as password reset.

Their transactional email packages are charged per block. Each block is a credit for 25,000 emails. If you subscribe for 1 to 20 blocks, it will cost you $20 per block; if it is 21 to 40, then $18 per block.

The unit price decreases as you opt for an increased number of blocks. You can visit the link to check out the packages.

Mailchimp email packages

Choose one email marketing software that goes with your plan and budget. Let us know in the comment which one you like most. You can learn more here.

Book a Free Digital Marketing consultation if you need help with your email marketing campaigns or are confused with email marketing tools that will be the best solution for your business. Our experts will contact you shortly.


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