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How to Activate Your Inactive and New Affiliates

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What percentage of affiliates are active if your brand has an affiliate program?

80%? 70%? Or 50%


Our affiliate management team, says that most of the affiliate programs we’ve managed had more than 50% inactive affiliates when we started working on them.


81% of brands use affiliate programs to boost brand awareness and drive sales. But growing these programs takes a lot of work. Many don’t see the results they hope for, often because they have inactive affiliates.

Inactive affiliates are those who have stopped promoting the product or haven’t started promoting it yet. Inactive affiliates are a major cause of your affiliate program’s failure.

These affiliates are like a hidden treasure waiting to be found. Getting them active again is important.

They can greatly increase the revenue of the business. Plus, it does this without the cost of finding new affiliates. That way, you can boost your sales instantly.

In this article, we’ll share how to activate inactive affiliates and share Monsterclaws’ inactive affiliate partner activation techniques.

Why It’s Important To Activate Your New And Dormant Affiliates?

Activating new and stagnant affiliates is important for your business because it directly increases your marketing impact.

Here are some key reasons:

  1. Immediate Impact from New Affiliates

    New affiliates bring fresh energy to your program. They can quickly generate sales if they start promoting your products ASAP. This is why it’s important to engage them from the moment they sign up.

  2. Reactivating Inactive Affiliates

    Affiliates who have stopped promoting your products still have potential.
    You can use their existing knowledge of your products to get quick sales by reactivating them.
    This is much more cost-effective than recruiting new affiliates. It’s because you’re utilizing resources that are already in place.

  3. Cost Efficiency

    Both activating new affiliates and reactivating dormant ones are cost-effective strategies.
    They maximize the output from your existing network. They reduce the need and expense of continually recruiting new affiliates.
    This approach saves money. And it also increases the overall performance of your affiliate program.

  4. Sustained Growth

    Regularly updating and motivating your affiliate base helps maintain a productive affiliate program.
    This effort keeps the program lively. It also helps adjust to new marketing trends and challenges. This is important for success over time.
    By using these strategies, make sure every part of your affiliate network is working well. This will help your business grow and make your marketing stronger and more effective.

What is Inactive and New Affiliates

It’s important to know the difference between inactive affiliates and new affiliates.

This helps you improve your affiliate program. Here’s what you need to know:

Inactive Affiliates

Inactive affiliates are those who used to promote your products but have stopped.

They might be inactive for several reasons. The reasons could be –

  • Changing interests
  • Low Motivation
  • Competitors stealing them away
  • Dissatisfaction with the program

To reactivate these affiliates, you need to get them interested again.

New Affiliates

New affiliates are people who just joined your affiliate program but haven’t started promoting your products yet.
They might not know much about your products and brand.

Activating new affiliates involves a few steps –

  1. Onboarding them effectively.
  2. Providing them with the necessary resources and support,
  3. And motivating them to start promoting your products.

Understanding the differences between these two groups helps you to tailor your strategies.

For inactive affiliates, the focus is on re-engagement and motivation. And for new affiliates, it’s about providing guidance and support to help them get started.

By addressing the needs of both groups, you can maximize the performance of your affiliate program and drive greater sales and revenue.

Why Active Affiliates Become Inactive?

Now the big question is, why do affiliates become inactive?
Affiliates may become inactive for several reasons. It’s often related to their experiences and perceptions of the affiliate program.

The key reasons are –

  • Early failures may make affiliates stop their promotions.
  • Affiliates might quit if the program is too complex or unclear.
  • Without enough help, affiliates might not feel ready to promote products.
  • Little contact from the affiliate manager can cause affiliates to lose motivation.
  • Affiliates may leave for better offers or commissions from other programs.

Addressing these issues can turn inactive affiliates into active promoters again.

How to activate inactive affiliates and new affiliates?

1. Approve The Affiliate Applicants Promptly

Approving affiliates quickly can greatly encourage them to promote your products.

A study by Affise revealed that 27% of affiliates felt discouraged due to long approval waits.


Fast approval shows you value their eagerness and boosts their motivation. A smooth and quick approval process lets new affiliates start without delays.

This improves their first experiences and helps them make their first sale faster. This is good for both the affiliate and your business.

2. Do Onboarding Meetings With Affiliates

Onboarding meetings are key to preparing your affiliates for success. These first meetings help you explain how your affiliate program works.

You can show affiliates how to use the available tools and resources. Also, the meeting will help them to get answers to their queries faster.

Effective onboarding reduces confusion and creates a solid start for new affiliates.

Statistics reveal that well-onboarded affiliates are more likely to be active and successful. This shows how important it is to spend time on these early interactions.

You need to make sure affiliates know every needed thing. This will help you create a productive relationship right away.

3. Set up An Automated Email Drip Campaign

Automated email drip campaigns are a great way to keep affiliates interested from the start. You set up a series of emails in advance to give new affiliates important information when they need it.

These emails teach them about your products, offer marketing tips, and remind them of the resources they have.

A good email campaign keeps communication going and helps stop new affiliates from becoming inactive.

According to Campaign Monitor, targeted emails often get a 58% open rate. This shows how effective personalized and automated emails are in keeping affiliates engaged.

4. Send Personalized Follow Ups

Personalized follow-ups are crucial for keeping new and inactive affiliates engaged. Sending personalized emails or messages makes affiliates feel important and noticed.

This tailored approach helps you get their attention quickly.

For example, you could mention their previous promotions or talk about new opportunities that suit their audience. This can revive their interest in your program.

A study by Experian shows that personalized emails have 6 times higher transaction rates. 

This proves that a custom approach can greatly improve affiliate engagement and productivity.

5. Provide Them With Promotional Materials

Providing promotional materials to your affiliates is a crucial step.
You can provide them with –

  • High-quality banners.
  • Product images.
  • Pre-written content.
  • Email Templates.
  • Social Media Posts.
  • Product Promotional Videos.
  • Content Ideas that are Suitable for his audience etc.

This support not only saves them time but also helps them get started quickly.

According to a HubSpot report, using professional visual content can increase engagement rates by up to 94%.

6. Help Them With Campaign Creation

Helping your affiliates create effective marketing campaigns helps you improve the program’s performance.

By advising on best practices, audience targeting strategies, and promotional materials, you help affiliates create powerful promotions.
This support boosts their confidence and improves your affiliate program’s results. This leads to more sales and stronger partnerships.

7. Share Other Affiliates’ Success Stories With Them

Sharing the success stories of other affiliates can be a strong motivator.

When affiliates learn about the achievements of others, it inspires them to promote.

This approach not only motivates but also offers a practical guide for success.

A Nielsen study found that peer recommendations and success stories can boost marketing effectiveness by up to 35%.

By showcasing these stories, you provide affiliates with clear examples of success. This encourages them to use similar strategies and work harder.

8. Create Urgency

When you create urgency in your promotions, you give people a reason to act fast.

It’s like saying, “This offer won’t last forever, so don’t miss out!” By offering limited-time deals, you encourage customers to make a decision quickly.

Research by Digital Commerce 360 shows that adding urgency to promotions can boost sales by up to 10%.

This tactic not only drives more sales but also motivates affiliates to promote your products more actively. And they can also capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities.

9. Provide One-Time Sponsorship Fee

Offering a one-time sponsorship fee can motivate inactive affiliates or attract new ones.

This fee is a bonus given to affiliates when they reach specific goals. For example – the goal can be making a certain number of sales in a set period.

It acts as a reward for their efforts and encourages them to start promoting or joining your program.

Research by Impact shows that a one-time sponsorship fee can boost affiliate engagement and increase sales.



Providing Financial incentives means you appreciate their work. The incentives work as an encouragement to them to promote your products more actively.

This approach can lead to higher earnings for your business.

10. Host Webinars To Educate Them

Hosting webinars is an excellent way to teach and engage your affiliates. These online events let you share important insights, tips, and updates about your products and affiliate program.

They offer a place for interactive discussions. In these events, affiliates can ask questions and learn from each other.

Research by shows that webinars can boost engagement by up to 40%.

By having regular webinars, you keep affiliates informed and motivated. They gain the knowledge they need to successfully promote your products.

11. Provide Guided Guidelines

Here are the corrected sentences:

Guided guidelines act like roadmaps that lead affiliates to success.
These clear, step-by-step instructions can help affiliates with:

  • Setting up campaigns
  • Effectively promoting products
  • Increasing their earnings
  • Choosing the right promotional strategies, etc.

Research by Statista shows that detailed guidelines can boost affiliate satisfaction and performance by up to 25%.

By providing these guidelines, you help affiliates confidently navigate affiliate marketing. This ensures they fully benefit from their partnership with your business.

Final Thoughts- How to activate your inactive affiliates?


Reactivating affiliates isn’t just about increasing sales; it’s about building lasting relationships.
By figuring out why affiliates stop being active and using tested strategies to bring them back, businesses can use untapped potential.

This can lead to significant growth in their affiliate programs.

In this process, it’s important to focus on clear communication, provide useful resources, and celebrate the achievements of affiliates.
These actions not only encourage affiliates to actively promote but also create a sense of community and loyalty in the program.

Reactivating affiliates is a continuous effort to develop a mutually beneficial partnership.

By keeping up good communication, offering valuable resources, and celebrating their achievements, you help build a successful environment where everyone benefits.
If you need help activating new and inactive affiliates to expand your affiliate program, contact our affiliate management team.



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