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What’s An Advantage of Responsive Display Ads?

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Question: What’s An Advantage of Responsive Display Ads?

  • They’re built for performance, reach, and scale.
  • They don’t require you to upload images, videos, headlines, logos, and descriptions.
  • They’re limited to banner-eligible slots.
  • They enable advertisers to control all aspects of their branding.


  • They’re built for performance, reach, and scale.

Advantage of Responsive Display Ads

Google has launched a new default format of ad for Google’s Display Network which is called “Responsive Display Ads” or RDAs. RDAs are a way of creating display ad formats of an unlimited amount, which will need minimal work. For creating these responsible display ads you’ll just have to upload assets such as text and images, and Google Ads will use machine learning for creating converting ads out of the assets you provided.

Responsive Display Ads are great options to reach your target audience, as these ads adapt the assets you provide to fit well into any position. Context clues and performance history are used to create ads, also they also bid on the auctions that will convert. ANd doing all these ensures that your ad will appear before your target audience. The Responsive Display Ads will be displayed anywhere, including even the sites that only use text ads. So, in effect, your reach will be limitless apparently.

Other than just having an increased and practically limitless reach, you might ask what are the other advantages of Responsive Display Ads. You might think that you can get a lot of reach or traffic from other marketing systems, but why should you go for the responsive display ads of Google?

You might have doubts in your mind like- is it convenient and efficient enough, or will it save your time, or will they be better than standard display ads? While responsive ads are great in all those aspects, they will provide you some key advantages such as they’ll optimize your creative assets, and will free you up for focusing on metric-driven aspects of the campaign. Here we’ll talk about one particular advantage of RDAs, which is freeing you up to focus on metrics.

With Responsive Display Ads, you won’t have to focus on designing ads anymore, just focus on the assets. You can put the effort into making sure that your RDAs are doing what you intend for them to do. If the ads fail to drive your key performance indicators, you’ll know that it isn’t an issue of low reach. Perhaps, you’ll need different assets to fix that. If you fail to get your needed click or conversion numbers, it might mean that your bidding strategy needs to be changed. 

Also, you can play to your strengths by focusing on the metrics. If you see that the responsive display ads of yours that are using a particular video, or any other particular asset, are performing greatly and bringing in your desired results, you can focus on changing other ads based on that. You can focus on your text-based assets, such as descriptions or headlines if you see that the text-based RDAs are driving the highest conversions.

Google Ads will try to help you get the most out of your Responsive Display Ad campaigns by combining various marketing tools. You can also target people that have specifically visited your website beforehand by using feeds.

Apart from allowing you to strongly focus on your assets and metrics, RDAs provide a lot of other advantages. Not to mention the huge reach you will have. So, you can resort to Responsive Display Ads with ease while planning the marketing strategy for your business.

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