7 Signs of A Good Affiliate Marketing Manager

affiliate marketing manager

Affiliate Marketing Manager is one of THE most crucial parts of your company’s affiliate campaign.

This Affiliate Marketing Manager is responsible for managing your affiliates and your campaign.

He is also responsible for bringing in a good profit from your affiliate campaign.

Every affiliate marketing manager is not good, especially as the industry is rapidly growing, and for that – some unusual overnight affiliate gurus claim to be good affiliate marketing managers.

But, later they fail miserably.

So here are 7 signs of a good affiliate marketing manager that you can consider during your hiring process.

1. Understands the Affiliate Funnel

A good affiliate marketing manager has experience working with different affiliate sales funnels. And, he should be able to understand your campaigns funnel properly. He should also be able to make suggestions about improvements.

If he says your funnel is “perfect” and no comment, then you should check before hiring.

Ask him – what made him like your funnel and what made this funnel perfect.

2. Techie, and Understands How Affiliate Tracking Works

A good affiliate marketing manager should know different aspects of the affiliate tracking system. Regardless of what software or marketplace you are dealing with, your affiliate manager should know about the tracking system.

Or at least, he should have a significantly more profound understanding of different platforms and can understand how this one works in less than an hour.

Also, he should be aware of the attribution tracking, cookie setup, etc. which is necessary for tracking the first click and assisted sales.

It’s cruicial, as without this knowledge it’ll be hard for him to identify hidden gems, as well as “click modifier” AKA bad affiliates.

3. Knows Multiple Ways of Affiliate Recruitment

A good affiliate marketing manager typically knows how to spend your money on advertisements for affiliate recruitment.

And he should also know how to source heavy hitter affiliates manually and close them.

If your affiliate marketing manager is dependent on only Facebook ads, or inbound affiliates – he won’t probably be able to deliver the result your company needs.

4. Socially Engaged in Affiliate Communities

The best affiliates are recruited by personal networking.

A sign of a good affiliate marketing manager is – socially active, having followers, engaged in different affiliate communities.

I am not saying if he is not too much into social media he is a bad affiliate manager.

All I’m saying is – if he is part of different affiliate communities, he can recruit better affiliates for you and within a short amount of time.

5. Can Identify Traits

He should be able to identify patterns of good and bad affiliates. This will help him save a tremendous amount of time and effort being used on the wrong affiliates.

Give him 5 to 10 example affiliate sites, and ask him if he can figure out the best ones and the worst ones, and see if you agree with what he says.

6. Communicates at 6G Speed

5G is super fast, so let’s imagine there is 6G which is even faster. A great quality of the affiliate marketing manager is communication at 6G speed.

Not only communication – fast yet to the point, reliable responses to your affiliates.

Lower “waiting time” between replies will result in “happier” affiliates, and happy affiliates will send more traffic.

Ever wondered – why so many good affiliates never sent you traffic? This is why.

It would help if you had a good manager who would be in touch, reply to their emails/queries at 6G speed, and keep them happy.

So your affiliates will rely on your offer and will put more effort.

7. Can Handle Affiliate Payroll

Affiliate marketing managers typically prepare the payment sheet every month.

So, he has to be good at accounting, payroll.

You may have a separate accountant taking care of all payments. But, the accounts’ job starts after getting this instruction “pay this much to them”.

So, it’s the affiliate marketing manager’s task to audit all the sales, cross-check refunds and prepare the payment sheet.

So to round-up…

If you find an affiliate marketing manager with these signs, hire him. If you have a good product, he will rock your affiliate campaign and bring you revenue.

Are you struggling to find one?
Don’t worry, get in touch with us.

Our affiliate marketing managers have all of these signs + additional ones like 10 years of experience.

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Rifat Ahmed

Rifat Ahmed

Rifat has over 10+ years of experience in the affiliate marketing industry. He has trained over 3000+ students, won several awards. He started as an affiliate marketer, later did his own launch, started working as a consultant and has founded MonsterClaw LLC.

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