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Why Do Clinics, Hospitals, Caregivers, and Medical Professionals Need Healthcare SEO?

Health Seekers Heavily Rely on Search Engines

Google, Bing, and other leading search engines have become one of the most popular sources of finding health and medical information. These days it has become increasingly common for people to use major search engines to find all kinds of health-related symptoms, causes, and treatment options.

According to Google Health Vice President David Feinberg, 70,000 health-related searches are made per minute daily, and the total number of health queries per day exceeds 1 billion. Approximately about 7% of all daily searches on Google are health-related. Moreover, 77% of health seekers start their search queries on Google and other general search engines.

Online Presence

Health-related issues are the biggest pain points, so health seekers and prospective patients try to find information, solutions, and the best treatment within their budget in the nick of time.

Now if your website does not appear on the top search results of the major search engines, such as Google and Bing, your healthcare organization may miss out on the opportunity to attract these prospective patients.

75% of online searchers never scroll past the first page of search results, and most of them only pay attention to the top 5 search results. According to Smart Insights’s Research, the top 5 organic search listings get 68% of clicks.

Brand Awareness & Credibility

Health seekers are very keen and dubious about finding trustworthy healthcare facilities, that’s why it is extremely important for healthcare organizations and professionals to extensively focus on branding especially to build credibility among their target audience.

That’s why it is very necessary to consistently appear on the top search results to position your healthcare organization among the industry leaders. Prospective patients tend to trust healthcare organizations that organically rank on the top search rankings as it’s earned with a lot of strategic effort, so that’s why it is vital to consistently maintain your organic search visibility among the top search results.

Branding has always been a long-term sustainable marketing strategy, and with Healthcare SEO you can extensively leverage opportunities to streamline increased appointments and boost your income stream.

Rapid Use of Local Searches to Find Healthcare Facilities

The use of ‘near me and nearby’ feature is extensively used by prospective patients to find the nearest clinic, hospital, doctor, or healthcare professional. These results appear in a featured style on Google search results and Maps specifying the name of the healthcare organization, location, opening hours, website, contact information, images, and reviews.

Healthcare SEO is crucial to ensure that your website ranks on the top search results, and appears for ‘near me or nearby’ search queries as well. According to Google statistics, 76% of prospective patients who conduct local searches visit the healthcare facility within 24 hours.

Most people prefer to visit healthcare facilities within their vicinity or somewhere nearby, that’s why local searches have become extremely popular to find reliable healthcare organizations.

How We Help You Grow Your Online Presence With Healthcare SEO?

We have a full-fledged Healthcare SEO service to help you exponentially grow your online presence to new heights, with a specified targeted reach to your potential health seekers and prospective patients.

SEO for

Our Healthcare SEO Services include 

Deep SEO Audit

In order to rank on the top search results of Google, Bing, and other major search engines it is you need to ensure that you abide by their policies and guidelines. So, we will thoroughly analyze your website to identify issues that conflict with these regulations, especially issues related to content and various technical aspects such as website loading speed, user experience, website’s mobile friendliness, broken links, overall website health, and more.

Google has over 200 ranking factors and it is vital to ensure that your website meets every single requirement to rank on the top search results. Based on our findings from the Deep SEO audits, we will take every necessary step to fix all the issues hindering your search rankings and also figure out new healthcare SEO strategies to strengthen your position in the top search rankings. Learn more about our Deep SEO auditing services.

Content Evaluation, Optimization, and Development

Medical and healthcare content are extremely sensitive, as they can directly affect a person’s life and finance. According to Google Search Quality Ratings Guide, there is a specific section called ‘Your Money, Your Life’ (YMYL), which directly associates with health, financial stability, future happiness, and safety. 

Health-related information and content go through a specialized verification process by search engines to determine their quality and search relevance. So, unless you provide quality content with legitimate information there is a high chance that your website won’t rank on the top search results, let alone if the information is deemed unfit, your website can even get blacklisted from the search engine database.

Hence, it is crucial to ensure that you have verified content on your website, and it is vital to meet all the requirements mentioned in the Webmaster Guidelines. So, we will thoroughly analyze the content on each web page, and evaluate whether they are fit to rank on top search results.

If we find any issue with the content, we will optimize it and provide you with guidelines to make necessary adjustments, create strategies to produce high-quality content and we will integrate proper keyword targeting with content optimization to massively improve your organic search rankings.

Website Enhancement to Boost User Experience

According to Google and Bing Webmaster’s Guidelines, user experience is one of the most important factors to rank on the top search results. If the search engines determine that users are having a poor experience on your website, then there is a strong possibility that it will downgrade your search rankings.

So, based on the Deep SEO audit and overall website analysis, we will identify the issues and apply all sorts of tweaks, optimizations, and several strategies to resolve them. Plus, we will apply multiple website enhancements to ensure a high-quality user experience for all the web pages on your website.

The healthcare sector has a very diverse range of online searchers, as people of all ages visit healthcare websites to gain knowledge and acquire healthcare services, it is extremely necessary to ensure a very user-friendly website.

Realtime Synced Monitoring of Healthcare SEO Metrics

We will connect your website with SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other similar tools to help you actively monitor your website traffic, conversions, clicks, impressions, conversions, and other SEO metrics. 

We provide absolute transparency of data, information, and all SEO metrics to help you understand the impact of our work before, during, and after the completion of the SEO project. 

Plus, real-time monitoring of the latest SEO metrics will help you provide constructive feedback which can be instrumental in developing more effective SEO strategies, and of course, for enhancing collaboration.

Periodic Delivery of KPI Reports

We will deliver monthly, quarterly, and annual KPI reports so that you can assess the progressive effect of our SEO strategies. It will include trendlines, statistics, graphs, and diagrams with detailed explanations to showcase the performance of your website on the organic search rankings during specific time frames.

We provide organized, well-structured KPI reports helping you evaluate the impact of our healthcare SEO service with qualitative and quantitative benchmarks. 

Depending on the duration of the SEO project, we will be providing periodic KPI reports to keep you well-informed and fully updated with the results of our SEO strategies.

Our Healthcare SEO Strategies

Regardless of your healthcare niche, whether it’s dental, cardiovascular, neurological, veterinary, or general medicine, the healthcare industry throughout the world is extremely competitive. The severe competition makes it incredibly difficult to rank healthcare websites in the top search rankings.

That’s why it is crucial to apply effective competitive healthcare SEO strategies to rank your website among the top search results. We will thoroughly analyze the website of your top competitors by visiting their sites, and by using advanced SEO tools to identify gaps in keywords, content, backlinks, and many other important competitive factors to figure out opportunities to outrank your top competitors.

If you want to rank on the top search rankings on Google, Bing, and other major search engines then you need to understand exactly what the health seekers in your niche are looking for.

Health concerns are directly linked to specific pain points, health seekers look for symptoms, causes, cures, and available treatment options for those health conditions. We will conduct thorough market research to analyze and identify the pain points of your target audience.

Based on the pain points, we will determine possible search patterns by conducting extensive keyword research. We will use targeted keywords to formulate effective healthcare SEO strategies to boost your organic search rankings rapidly.

Most prospective patients prefer to seek healthcare solutions and treatments from clinics or hospitals within their specific geographic location, especially somewhere close to their home most preferably in the same town or city. That’s why we will use effective Local SEO strategies to optimize your website so that it appears on the top search results in specific locations. 

By applying effective local SEO strategies, you will be able to reach out to more prospective patients as most people seeking healthcare solutions are more prone to using local search queries such as ‘hospital or clinic nearby/near me’ which appear on both search results and map listings. 

Ultimately, it will help you rapidly spike your website impressions on search listings, which has a high potential of converting to increased website traffic and more appointments.

It is common for health seekers to visit other websites referring to multiple blogs, articles, and videos to find reliable healthcare treatments, products, and services. Now if these third-party websites recommend your healthcare organization by including your website’s link, they will be sending inbound traffic to your website. 

Several websites on the internet are connected to one another by this sort of linking, commonly known as link building and backlinking. Major search engines like Google and Bing analyze these backlinks as one of the key factors to determine the reputation, credibility, search relevance, and authority of a website.

So, it is important to have backlinks from credible and highly reputed sources, especially for healthcare websites as search engines prioritize only ranking websites that deliver relevant, helpful, and authentic information. 

We will analyze your backlink profile using advanced SEO tools and sort out your backlinks. We will take multiple effective steps to remove the low-quality backlinks, especially the ones that are irrelevant, lack credibility, and don’t fit the minimum criteria according to multiple SEO metrics. 

We will reach out to the website owners of quality backlinks to optimize and improve their content. And, we will create many new backlinks and source traffic from highly relevant, authoritative, and credible websites within your niche.

Internal linking is a super effective SEO strategy to help search engines understand your website better and how the content on each web page is related to one another. Health seekers have various search queries; some of them may want to learn more about the symptoms and causes of a disease, whereas others might seek to find prevention tips, possible cures, or treatment options.

And, there may be prospective patients who are ready to book an appointment right away. Proper and effective internal linking will help the search engine determine that your website has highly relevant and qualified content for the particular search query, so this is likely to rapidly increase your search rankings to the top positions.

We will run a thorough analysis of your website and internally link all the relevant web pages. This also has another advantage as search engines tend to prioritize ranking sites based on user experience.

So, if people are spending increased time on your website and browsing through multiple pages, it will act as a signal of enhanced user experience, which can vastly contribute to upscaling your website’s search engine rankings.

Healthcare SEO practices are consistently changing with the progressive development of digital technologies, the advancement of smartphones, and the rapid enhancement of search engines, especially Google and Bing.

The healthcare industry is also rapidly growing, according to recent statistics the global revenue of the healthcare industry is $63.9bn in 2023 and is expected to rapidly increase to over $94bn by the year 2027. Despite all these massive changes, we have held a strong reputation for being one of the top healthcare SEO agencies in the world, with consistent research and development.

Although we have several proven healthcare SEO strategies now, we understand that they may become obsolete in the near future, some will work and some won’t. That’s our dedicated healthcare SEO team is progressively researching to stay consistent, dominant, and up-to-date to provide outstanding results to our clients.

So, regardless of the dynamic shifts in the healthcare SEO landscape, we will always strive to deliver exceptional results and help our clients grow to new heights.

Why Should You Trust MonsterClaw’s Dental SEO Services?

Our Recent Accomplishments in Providing Top SEO Services,

Our proven healthcare SEO strategies have also helped a top-tier healthcare client recover from Google penalty, with a rapid increase in over 25.7k clicks, 627k impressions, and a rapid spike in organic sales by almost 240% amounting to a sharp increase in revenue from less than $200k to almost $600k in just 4 months.

We like to feature our recent success stories,

Swiper demo
eCommerce SEO Case Study: $30k to $700k Sales Journey in 24 Months
How our eCommerce SEO helped a giant HealthTech company, and has grown over 350%+ in less than a year
We’ve more proven successful ventures in SEO if you’d like to know more about our Healthcare SEO milestones you can get in touch with us.

We Work with Top Brands in Multiple Industries

We have earned a reputation for helping our clients grow beyond expectations, as we have always strived to deliver the best to create outstanding and highly impactful results. We don’t consider our efforts a success until it reflects on the client’s revenue with a highly positive return on investment.

Client Reviews

Fedrick Lansky

Pointpanda LLC

Extremely good first experience working with Rifat, Polas and the MonsterClaw LLC team, they did in one week what my previous developer couldn’t do in a month.

Ken Page & Gregory Romer


Wonderful, careful, thoughtful work. Top to bottom, this team was nothing short of great. And we knew nothing going into this..they were very helpful! Three cheers!!

Mike Volkin

CEO at Freelancer Masterclass

While the results are ongoing, MonsterClaw LLC has lived up to expectations. Their team is efficient and communicative, quickly responding to all queries.

Client Testimonial

We have many top-tier clients who have expressed immense satisfaction with the delivery of our SEO services.

It’s a privilege to feature the exclusive client testimonial of a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and Forbes Council Member of Mike Volkin.

He has honored us by sharing incredible remarks about our SEO services, in which he has expressed a high level of client satisfaction and how he relies on our SEO services to grow his businesses.

Mike Volkin is a Forbes Councils Member, Public Speaker, Celebrity Marketer, Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor.

Highly Reliable Healthcare Client Management Program

Our dedicated healthcare SEO team is your key partner in increasing your search visibility on Google, Bing, and other leading search engines. We strive to make your healthcare organization stand out among your top competitors and help you gain a competitive edge in the top search rankings. 

So, we provide a strong support system by promptly responding to your queries, concerns, and valuable feedback. We’re highly committed to providing you with top-quality healthcare SEO services, and full-fledged support round-the-clock.

Let us help you transform your organic search rankings and position your website among the top search rankings of Google, Bing, or any other search engine. Get in Touch with us to achieve long-term sustainable organic growth in your healthcare niche.



Frequently Asked Questions

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Healthcare SEO is a specialized SEO strategy that is specifically designed to guide search engines to drive traffic toward health and wellness-related websites.

Healthcare SEO will help you guide Google and other general search engines rapidly increase your organic search visibility to your target audience, so you will be able to generate more qualified leads, secure increased appointments, and earn much more.

Google and Bing have distinctive vetting processes for ranking health-related web pages, as it can directly affect the searcher's health, financial stability, safety, and future happiness. So, that’s why it is important to ensure that your website meets all the technical requirements with high-quality relevant content.

Yes, if effective healthcare SEO strategies are implemented then it can rapidly increase your chances of ranking on the top results on Google, Bing, and other search engines and stand out as an industry leader in the long run. As SEO itself is a highly sustainable strategy with various long-term benefits, hence investing in Healthcare SEO will be a wise investment.

We’ve been providing professional healthcare SEO services for the past 10 years, with our acquired experience in various health niches you can expect rapid organic growth in terms of traffic, increased appointments, and a greater revenue stream with our specialized Healthcare SEO services.

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