High Paying Affiliate Offers With Quick Approval (April 2020)

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As of today, when I’m writing this – we all have started to take a financial hit due to the massive public health disaster and extended lockdown that is currently going on due to COVID 19.

On top of that, some reputed companies slapped their affiliates hard, and made them see stars out of blue – by cutting down the commissions to 1/3 or even less! They even offered a ridiculous 1% commission on a few categories!

But you know what? Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world.

To help you go through, we have manually selected some high paying affiliate offers where you can sign up directly, and get real quick approval, easy to earn commissions, and make some good money, ASAP.

High Paying Affiliate Offers in 2020

I have done the hard work for you and compiled a list of a few high paying affiliates offers that can help you cash in quickly.

Health and Fitness Niche

1.   Turmaslim – 75% Commission

Manufactured by HealthyGen, Turmaslim is a 100% organic Curcumin Extract. This product is well-known for its immunity-boosting properties, exactly what the people need in such desperate times.

HealthyGen is still recruiting affiliates, and the company offers a throbbing 75% commission per sale. It also has a specific “Immunity boosting” landing page that is an absolute killer!

It’s listed on Clickbank, here is the affiliate details page here.

2.   Keto PowerBoost – 75% Commission

As so many people are now being quarantined at their homes, a large portion of them are trying to do what they always wanted to, but never got the time to do so. And yes, getting back to shape is on the top of the priority list of many. Keto Power Boost is a 100% natural 30-day ketosis formula, specifically developed to burn fat.

Like TurmaSlim, Keto PowerBoost is also manufactured by HealthyGen. And guess what, the commission is the same, up to 75%! Click here to sign up.

3.   Test Stack No. 17 – 30% Commission

Quarantine might be boring, but it also gives people the opportunity to spend more time with their partners. As obvious as it is, couples are more sexually active than before. Test Stack No. 17 is a natural testosterone booster which is a very sought after product now.

The manufacturers behind Test Stack No. 17 is TestStack RX, a reputed company that produces amazing supplements. You’ll receive a $50 signup deposit and 25% commission per sale if you partner with them. Sign up now!

4.   Anorectant No. 10 Fat Burner – 30% Commission

This product is from TestStack RX as well. As the name suggests, this supplement helps with boosting workout sessions and burning fat in the process. With little to no side-effects, this fat burner has drawn quite some attention from the newly emerged fitness enthusiasts who are working out at home.

The offer is the same as Test Stack No. 17, $50 signup deposit along with 25% commission per sale. Sign up here

Digital Products

1.   Scraper API – 25% to 40% Recurring

As so many businesses have become remote, the demand for good online tools is at its peak. Scraper API is a great tool for data scraping. And what is the valuable thing for marketers in 2020? It’s data! Even during the ongoing economic crisis, Scraper API is in fact growing big. They are also generous to marketers who help them grow.

You’ll receive a 25%-40% recurring commission if you sign up for the Scraper API affiliate program. The average commission is $75 to $250. By sending only 5 to 10 sales you can possibly earn over $500 to $1000 in passive for over a year! Here is their affiliate signup page.

2.   Your Video Spokesperson – 25% Recurring

As most of the marketing activities are now being done online, on-demand video production is necessary more than ever. Your Video Spokesperson is one of the best in the business when it comes to video production. By referring your leads to them, you can earn some quick and easy cash.

You can send leads to Your Video Spokesperson via your site banners, social media, blogs, email, or any other convenient channel. You’ll receive recurring 25% commission per referral. Sign up here.

3.  Mindboss – 50% to 70% Commission

Being in quarantine is not easy. It might seem fun for the first few days, but it becomes intolerable very soon. What people need in times like this is some guidance to keep their mind calm, and motivated to deal with all the stress that comes with not being able to socialize for extended periods of time. Mindboss Academy has the perfect formula to keep your mind calm.

With an impressive conversion rate of 6%-10% on PPC ads, Mindboss Academy is making a lot of money already. Help them grow bigger, and they will compensate you with 50%-75% on Upsell.

You can see the funnel here.

It’s an invite-only top marketers program for now. If you want in, you can email Khalid at monsterclaw dot com, he’ll help you get in.

4.   Cold Email Compendium – 40% commission

As I mentioned earlier, most of the marketing activities have become online during quarantine. Cold email is one of the most effective ways to generate leads, but it does not work very well for many. Cold Email Compendium is a guide that offers guaranteed increase in response rate, hence the number of leads. Businesspersons who are being forced to use email marketing more than before, would love to have this guide.

You can see the product here.

You’ll receive 40% commission per sale if you sign up with the Cold Email Compendium affiliate program.

This is another invite-only top marketers program for now, and If you want in, you can email Khalid at monsterclaw dot com, he’ll help you get in.

5.   GetResponse – 33% Commission for five years!

GetResponse is one of the most famous all-in-one online marketing platforms. It has services like marketing automation, sales funnels, landing pages, webinar software, opt-in forms, CRM, ad banner builders, surveys and many more; exactly what businesses need to conduct operations online.

The GetResponse affiliate program is also one of the best in the world, just like the service itself. It has two options: self-hosted program and CJ affiliate program. The self-hosted program pays 33% recurring commission while CJ affiliate program pays flat $135 per sale.

Sign up here.

6.   HubSpot – $250 CPA

If you are into affiliate marketing, you must have heard of this brilliant inbound marketing, sales, and service software. HubSpot is one of the global leaders in the industry, and experiencing substantial growth even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their affiliate program is very renowned too.

HubSpot’s affiliate program doesn’t have any minimum or maximum sales thresholds. Depending on the product tier you refer, you’ll earn up to $1000 per sale if you sign up.

7.   BlueHost – $65 CPA

BlueHost is a globally reputed company in the web hosting industry, especially for their extraordinary customer service and affordable hosting plans. BlueHost affiliate program is also very easy and simple.  The web hosting industry is one of the least affected ones as for now, so BlueHost is worth giving a try.

All you need to do is to refer visitors to the Bluehost website, and you’ll earn $65 for each qualified sign-up. Join the program by clicking this link. 


1.   Freelancer Masterclass – 50% Commission

The demand for freelance jobs has understandably gone higher, but the number of jobs didn’t. The freelance market is very saturated and now it is tough to get new gigs. Mike Volkin has created the best freelancing course in the world named Freelancer Masterclass. It helps to get more clients at better rates. Aspiring freelancers just need something like Freelancer Masterclass.

The Freelancer Masterclass affiliate program pays 50% commission per sale. Sign up here.

2.   iCollege – upto 75% Commission

Those who are looking for improving skills to get remote work, or simply trying to develop new skills as they have a lot of free time now, need a platform which teaches them on-demand skills at affordable rates. iCollege is a perfect platform for such skill seekers.

iCollege has more than 100 courses to choose from, which means you’ll be able to promote this platform to a very wide range of audience. To earn up to 75% commission, join the iCollege Affiliate Program now.

Pet Niche

1.   Pinnacle Woodcraft – 10% Commission

Staying at home means getting to spend more time with pets if you have any. Pets help a lot to keep one’s mental health in good shape. People who are spending a lot of time with their pets now are being more serious about taking care of the animals. Pinnacle Woodcraft crafts premium-quality pet furniture and makes pet food.

This is a perfect business to promote now because so many potential customers are literally spending all their time with pets.

Pinnacle Woodcraft offers a 10%-12% commission to affiliates. Though not as high as some other affiliate advertisers on my list, still this rate is better than most other deals you’ll find now. Click here to sign up.

Please bookmark the article and circle back next week, as we’ll keep adding a lot more new product suggestions.

Hope this helped! If you have any questions, just drop a comment below.

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