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High Paying Affiliate Offers With Quick Approval

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The whole world is still recovering from the financial hit during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic hurt the entire world and made many businesses bleed. However, there is a silver lining.

Many people started small businesses during the lockdown, and internet users skyrocketed. This has presented affiliate marketers with a great opportunity.

Affiliate Marketing

The increased number of internet users has brought specific scopes to promote online businesses. Online businesses are eager to cash on this opportunity. So is affiliate marketing.

According to recent statistics, the affiliate marketing investment in the USA alone is expected to reach $8.2 billion by the end of the year 2022.

If we compare to what it was in 2017, that is $5.4 billion, the industry is multiplying. The average annual salary of affiliate marketers in the USA is $154,700, a significantly high salary.

To help you in your affiliate journey, we have manually selected some high-paying affiliate offers where you can sign up directly and get real quick approval, easy to earn commissions, and make some good money, ASAP.

High Paying Affiliate Offers in 2022

Tangible Products

1. Gage Beasley: 15% to 30% Referral Commission

Gage Beasley

Gage Beasley is an online toy store specializing in selling premium high-quality plush toys that come in multiple animals in different sizes. They ship worldwide, and the delivery charge is free for products above $24.99.

They don’t have any physical stores. All their operations are conducted online. This gives them the advantage of selling products at a relatively lower price than most retail stores, up to 70% less.

They are so confident about the quality of their products they even offer a guaranteed return or exchange if the customer is not satisfied.

Their brand tone is amiable and engaging. That’s why they highly encourage enthusiastic affiliates who love animals and plush toys to promote their products.

They have an amazing 2-tier affiliate program. The commission rate comprises as follows,

  • 1 – 20 referral sales = 15% commission
  • 20+ referral sales = 30% commission

Their payment system is very feasible. All you have to do is include your payment information, and you can receive the payments according to your convenience.

Sounds impressive, right? If you want to get started, fill out their application form right away.

2. CoBionic: 20% Commission on each Sale


CoBionic produces a wide range of supplementary health products. They are packaged in bottles, some of them are delicious gummies, and others are powdered supplements that come in different flavors.

All these supplements are entirely gluten, dairy and sugar-free. And all the ingredients used are completely organic and natural.

These supplements will nourish the body with essential vitamins and minerals to improve the customer’s overall health, strength, and immunity.

Customers who choose their one-time purchase option can avail these bottles for $19.99 to $39.99.

They offer an affordable subscription option for regular customers with a 15% discount of $16.99. Customers who subscribe can receive these bottles either every month or every 2 months.

CoBionic is looking for creative and enthusiastic affiliates who share a similar passion for helping people live healthier. Their sign-up process is straightforward. Once you are done, you will get an affiliate link that you can use to promote their products.

They offer a 20% commission for each sale, and the best part is that there is no limit. You can enjoy earning sales commission for as many products as you can sell.

You will be eligible to receive payments once you sell above $20. Payments can be received monthly.

They also provide 24/7 affiliate management support with special coupons to attract your audience.

So if you want to get started, sign up for their affiliate program right away.

3. FireRoad: 10% Commission Per Sale


Customers who are looking for a strictly vegan diet would love FireRoads. They cater to a wide variety of food items. All of these are prepared with plant-based ingredients.

These food items include grain meal bowls, soups, chickpea pasta, oats, smoothies, and desserts such as brownie chips, cinnamon rolls, and lemon sweets. These come between a price range of $7 to $12.

All these items are delivered to customers in frozen packages. As these are already cooked meals, they need to reheat them. It is a healthy substitute for vegans, but it is also highly convenient.

You might be amazed to know that they have been nominated for Veggie Awards 2022.

Sounds interesting, right? Their affiliate program provides a sales commission of 10% for each sale.

You will receive commission after an order has been successfully placed delivered, and the recipient has not initiated a refund or chargeback.

And you only get a commission on one order for each referral. Plus, you won’t get any sales commission for subscription orders.

Although the other offers are better than this with more flexibility and higher scope to earn, this isn’t too bad either.

As they provide vegan food exclusively, the demand is likely to be high. So, it should be easier to get more referral sales done.

So if you are interested, sign up for their affiliate program.


1. CareerFitters: 40% Commission for each Premium Sign-up


Careerfitters is a renowned online platform that offers people the opportunity to take a quick personality test comprising 60 questions.

Top psychologists design the test, and the results are very accurate. The purpose of taking this test is to help people identify their true potential to decide which skill they can specialize in.

They mainly focus on people who are currently students seeking a college degree or young graduates who are about to start their careers.

The best part is that their career personality test is free. Anyone who takes the test will get an overall assessment with clear explanations and lots of visuals.

Once the customer signs up for their premium package for $19.95, they will get access to a robust job directory along with various career insights.

It will help them find jobs, but it will also be helpful to network with employers in their industry. And the best part is, this is a lifetime deal.

They need to market it to a large audience, so they need affiliates like you. They have designed a very lucrative affiliate program. The commission is 40% for each sales conversion so you can earn $7.98 for each sale.

They have a sophisticated dashboard that comes in with a fantastic tracking system, and it will help you monitor your sales conversions.

You can receive payments after 7 days for sales over $30 and 1 month for sales lesser than $30, so, if you are interested, sign-up for their affiliate program and start earning.

2. Prerender: 20% Recurring Commission


Prerender is a SAAS platform that optimizes the customer’s Javascript website SEO friendly.

It will fully render the pages to boost the website’s loading speed. This is essential as page loading speed is a Google SERP ranking factor plus customers love websites that are blazing fast.

Customers can start using their service for free, up to a super high premium subscription rate of $1990 per month.

The plus point is for those who want to use their paid subscription for the additional benefits. They can start with their $25 package. However, they recommend their $99 per month package. To learn more about their subscription prices, visit this link.

Like their premium packages for customers, they have an extremely lucrative deal for their affiliate program.

As it’s a service-based business, the best part is that you get a recurring commission of 20% for each sales conversion.

The registration process is straightforward, and it will take you about a minute. Once you are done, you will get an affiliate link that you can use for the referral program.

Plus, you will get access to their premium dashboard that will provide real-time statistics for each of your sales and the amount of commission that you’ve earned.

They will also provide you with banners, coupons, and other promotional materials. If you need any help, you can always contact their affiliate manager.

You need to earn $20 to be eligible for payouts. Once you do so, you can receive the payment every month.

Offers like this are hard to find, so sign up for their affiliate program asap and start earning!

3. Scraper API: Up to 25% Recurring Commission


As so many businesses have become remote, the demand for good online tools is at its peak. Scraper API is an excellent tool for data scraping.

And what is the most valuable thing for marketers in 2022? It’s data! Even during the ongoing economic crisis, Scraper API is growing big. They are also generous to marketers who help them grow.

As a ScraperAPI affiliate, you’ll earn a 25% commission each month from everyone you refer up to 12 months. That means if you send us an account worth $249 a month, you will earn $62.25 a month for up to 12 months. Just from that single account!

Plus, if you refer an affiliate, you will earn a 5% recurring commission for each customer they bring in.

What’s more impressive is there is no limit to the recurring commissions. As long as the referred customers are paid subscribers, you will have that passive income still flowing into your account.

Like the other offers, their affiliate program also has 24/7 affiliate support.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for their affiliate program today!

4. GetResponse: 33% Recurring Commission or $100 Upfront Commission for Each Sale


GetResponse is one of the most famous all-in-one online marketing platforms. It has services like marketing automation, sales funnels, landing pages, webinar software, opt-in forms, CRM, ad banner builders, surveys, and many more; exactly what businesses need to conduct operations online.

The GetResponse affiliate program is also one of the best globally, just like its service. It has two options: self-hosted program and CJ affiliate program. The self-hosted program pays a 33% recurring commission, while the Bounty affiliate program pays a flat $100 per sale.

You also get real-time affiliate support along with uncapped referral commissions.

If you are interested, then sign up for their affiliate program.

5. Hubspot: 15% Recurring or 100% Flat Rate Commission


If you are into affiliate marketing, you must have heard of this brilliant inbound marketing, sales, and service software.

HubSpot is one of the global leaders in the industry and experiencing substantial growth. Their affiliate program is very renowned too.

They have quite an interesting affiliate program. It gives you a little more flexibility but for a limited time frame.

So, they have two affiliate programs, 15% recurring commission and 100% flat rate commission.

If you choose the 100% flat rate commission, you will keep sales revenue. You can only avail of it on the first month’s revenue. But the best part is if you manage to make a lot of referral sales, you earn a hefty commission in just one month.

The 15% recurring monthly commission is like the other affiliate programs. So, now it’s time for you to choose whether you want to earn a significant sum of money in a month or a consistent income stream for a year.

Sign up today and take advantage of their fantastic affiliate program if you are interested.

6. BlueHost: $65 CPA


BlueHost is a globally reputed company in the web hosting industry, especially for its extraordinary customer service and affordable hosting plans. The BlueHost affiliate program is straightforward.

The web hosting industry is one of the least affected, so BlueHost is worth trying.

All you need to do is to refer visitors to the Bluehost website, and you’ll earn $65 for each qualified sign-up.

Join the program by clicking this link.

7. iFax: 20% Commission Rate


iFax is the industry-leading online fax service provider. They offer a low-cost fax system that is easy to use. They rely on user-friendliness, convenience, reliability, security, and efficiency.

iFax encourages creativity and team collaboration to make a big difference in conducting business with innovative fax solutions.

As for appointing affiliates, iFax offers a 20% recurring commission with a 60-day cookie policy. They have a massive market in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, and their demand prevails throughout the year. They also offer real-time stats and payouts.

Click here to apply to become an affiliate for iFax.

8. iCollege: Up to 35% Commission Per Sale


iCollege is an online educational platform for computer science students or people interested in code, web development, UI/UX design, and other IT skills.

They have a wide range of courses with relevant resources such as e-books, videos, etc., to help you get the best learning experience.

You can either subscribe for courses on particular subjects ranging from $59 to $99 or buy their bundle pack for $299 with more than 225 courses. Once you sign up, you have access to these courses and learning materials for a lifetime.

They provide a world-class affiliate program with a high commission rate of 35%. They have over 1 million subscribers in 120+ countries with superb search traffic, so this will make it easier for you to get more referral sales.

Moreover, they have a fantastic referral tracking system with a dedicated support team to always help you out. If you need additional material such as coupons, banners, etc., they’ve got you covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for their affiliate program today.


If you search online for affiliate programs, you will find many. But, we have personally hand-picked some of the best affiliate programs available in the market.

We are a renowned affiliate management agency. If you need help finding more amazing affiliate programs, keep tabs on our blog page or book a Free Consultation today, and our experts will help you out shortly.

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