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How to Promote Your Business Through Meme Ads

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Ads are something that most people avoid. The practice has become so common that you will find many apps or browser extensions that block ads.

Whether you like it or not, most people find ads quite annoying. But what if there was a way to spice up your ads? Well, that’s possible thanks to the growing popularity of memes.

Meme Ads

According to Hubspot findings, 90% of social media feeds are filled with memes. You can leverage the opportunity using meme marketing and gain the attention of a large segment of your social media users.

Moreover, recent studies on traditional digital marketing strategies on Facebook and Instagram yield about 5% engagement, whereas Meme Marketing far outweighs them by 60%. The average CTR for traditional digital marketing strategies is 6% on average, whereas for meme marketing, it can spur up to 14%.

If you consider including memes as a part of your marketing strategy, you can now create ads that your target audience will be willing to see. Plus, you can expect high engagement from your target audience.

The best part is there is a high chance that your memes will get a lot of shares. So, your meme ad campaigns will get free publicity. It’s a huge win-win.

If you do your research right and create memes that go viral, you can expect the traffic of those channels to skyrocket.

If you follow the right strategic approach, then meme marketing can immensely benefit your business, and your ad investments won’t go in vain. This article discusses how you can promote your business through meme ads.

5 Effective Strategies to Promote Your Business Through Meme Ads

1. Identify Your Target Audience’s Meme Preference

You need to create memes that your target audience can understand and relate to. The memes should be super enticing to create a consistent spiral of engagement.

To do so, you need to conduct extensive research on your customer psychology and their culture. You don’t want to create memes that offend a particular group within your target audience.

Know your target audience

This can severely hamper your business’s reputation, and there’s a high chance you will lose tons of customers if you hurt their sentiment.

If you already have multiple buyer personas, you can use them to formulate your meme strategy. However, if you don’t have a buyer persona yet, it’s high time you create one.

It won’t only be necessary for just the meme marketing strategy, but it is also essential for your other digital marketing strategies.

If you don’t know how to create a buyer persona, these 5 easy steps should help you to craft one, that includes,

Research Your Customer’s Personality that can include their preference, education, hobbies, buying habits, psychology, culture, religious views, political preference, etc.

Segment the Buyer Persona based on their demographic factors such as age, gender, geographical location, etc. In this way, you will know what kind of memes will entertain your particular niche.

Set Goals that will be followed up by multiple tailored strategies targeting particular memes for each sub-group in your niche.

2. Create a Meme Bank

Memes are a new form of communication on social media. Today memes are so popular that they’re very diverse and versatile.

If you wander across social media and well-known meme sites, you will find memes in various genres, whether it’s about politics, sports, war, business, economics, or marketing.

Create a meme bank

Many people these days refer to memes to learn about recent events. Unlike old times, memes are not just for fun anymore. They serve a bigger purpose. They have become a source of all sorts of information.

So, if you are running a business in the era of memes, it’s high time you leverage the opportunity to showcase your brand.

Having a meme bank will go a long way, as you will be able to explore all the relevant genres of memes with a very specific centralized approach.

The biggest advantage here is, you will be able to track and brainstorm new ways to develop innovative ideas on how you can take your meme marketing to the next level.

Another plus point of having a meme bank is you don’t always need to create memes. You can even download copyright-free memes from many popular sites.

And you can edit them accordingly to create a higher customer appeal. The scope of diversifying your memes is almost infinite.

3. Create Memes That Go With Your Brand Tone

Don’t get carried away making your memes too versatile. Of course, it is important to post a diverse range of memes, but it should go with your brand tone.

Because at the end of the day, you want to establish higher brand awareness and attract more customers. Memes here are just tools that will help you establish your brand presence in different segments of your niche.

It is crucial to craft your memes in a way that they uniquely portray your brand. You need to make sure that whenever people see your memes, they instantly recall your brand.

If you manage to tactfully plan out your meme marketing strategies, and distribute the ads effectively to your target audience, you can gain rapid traction in the market.

4. Analyze the Meme Trend

You must consistently stay up to date with the latest trend and recent events to produce engaging memes. Memes are fueled by the popularity of trends.

After figuring out the recent trends within your industry you need to translate them into eye-catching interesting memes, that will not only entertain your target audience but also signal them to multiple conversions.

Analyze the Meme Trend

The ultimate goal here is to persuade your customers to buy your products and create higher brand awareness and engagement.

So, if you can handpick memes that have the highest potential to become viral and run ads on them, it might make your business go viral as well.

If everyone’s talking about your business. So, if your meme ads create a series of word-of-mouth marketing with engagement and shares on social media, it will bring your business into the spotlight.

If you want to gain the fast traction of your target audience, then posting trendy memes can spark high demand for your business.

5. Focus on Humor

Customers love a brand that exhibits more humane behavior. Businesses that are more interactive and express their messages with emotions.

Psychologically, humor is one of the most appealing ways to invoke positive emotions. And people like to feel emotionally uplifted.

Focus one humor

So, you should prioritize making funny memes. Remember, the goal is to iterate your target audience to engage in your meme ads.

This will boost traffic across your online channels and make your content more trending.

In the long run, it can have a tremendous impact on your SEO metrics. If your memes are going viral and if people come across your memes, search engines are more likely to rank your sites on top.


If you can effectively implement the strategies we’ve recommended, you can expect fast results from your meme ads.

It can get you an insane boost in your social media traffic. Plus, it can immensely contribute to your branding efforts.

The best part is you can leverage higher ROI from your ads. Perhaps it’s high time to consider prioritizing more on meme ads rather than the boring and obvious traditional digital marketing ads.

People don’t like cliche content. You need to create content that will awe your target audience every time!

If you have any queries or need help creating and executing the right meme ad strategies, you can book a Free Digital Marketing Consultation today. Our experts will get in touch with you shortly and help you out.

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