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How to Find Super Affiliates? : Effective Ways to Attract Them

Reading Time: 7 minutes

The global affiliate marketing industry is expected to grow to 27.78B by 2027.

No wonder the affiliate marketing industry is growing way faster than before. At this point, super affiliates are bringing more value to the table.

So, you might be thinking of recruiting super affiliates. But how to find super affiliates in the ocean of marketers? Come along with us as we unravel the process step by step.

What is a Super Affiliate?


   Super Affiliate Definition

A super affiliate is an affiliate marketer or niche influencer with genuine expertise in creating effective marketing strategies, with higher conversion rates, and greatly influences a large audience. Super Affiliates are typically more sophisticated than other affiliates and have a better understanding of how to optimize campaigns for maximum performance.


MonsterClaw has paid $382,337+ in affiliate commissions for a deep niche product. However, 80% of sales came from only ten affiliates among 1,116 affiliates. So, affiliate recruitment is a complex process that requires proper knowledge and experience.

This visible difference in the sales ratio is your answer. These ten affiliates are the super affiliates. And, guess what, they get the lion’s share of the affiliate commission.

Khalid Mahmud

Head of Affiliate Recruitment

“A big portion of the sales come from super affiliates. A very common scenario is, If you have like 100 affiliates, 2-3 will drive you the biggest portions”


If you are a business owner and interested in affiliate marketing for growth, you might have three specific questions now.

  1. How are the super affiliates bringing more revenue than regular affiliate marketers?
  2. How do I find super affiliates?
  3. How can I work with the super affiliates?

Let’s find out.

Short Summary

Compared with average affiliates, a super affiliate will drive higher traffic to your website which eventually leads to higher sales and revenue. Super affiliates are more focused, data-driven, and strategic.

Business owners can find super affiliates through affiliate networks, social media, email outreach, advertisements, online communities, and a few other ways.

To work with the super affiliates, your product or service needs to be good, your brand needs to have a strong online presence, you need to offer good benefits (financial and other benefits eg- good affiliate support) and you need to build a good relationship with them.

Understanding Super Affiliates: Who They Are?

One word that describes Super Affiliates is Niche influencers with a large number of followers.

Often you will see individuals with strong authority in niche-specific online platforms. They provide valuable information regarding niche-specific topics. For this contribution, they always have a loyal audience.

Let’s consider gadgets.

If you visit YouTube for gadget-related suggestions, you will probably consider visiting MKBHD or Linus Tech Tips for specific tech-related products or information.


  • They have expertise and authenticity in the tech niche.
  • They have a very dedicated audience (MKBHD has 18M subs, and Linus Tech Tips has 15.4M subs).
  • Instead of promoting any product just for money, they check if the product provides genuine value to their audience or not.
  • Their words have significantly more impact than any other Tech-YouTubers.

If these individuals with firm authority in their niche work as affiliates, the sales will skyrocket in minimal time.

Niche influencers have loyal followers, and the followers believe in their works. If they are promoting a product or a service, it will always be more successful than the regular affiliates.

Super affiliates are experts at niche-specific affiliate marketing and influencing with precise strategy. They focus on the maximization of overall revenue for your business.

As a result, they can be the reason behind 50%-90% of sales of an entire affiliate marketing campaign! Yeah, super affiliate commissions are also high.

Super affiliates will take the conversion rate and click-through rate to a much higher level with strategic audience buildup. They promote amazing products or services within their niche only!

How does a super affiliate marketer work?

  • Focus on 1-3 profitable and competitive niches at max
  • Be an expert on their niche
  • Have loyal followers
  • Come up with a proper marketing strategy
  • Have a proven and visible success record
  • Focus on quality.
  • Work for VIP commissions only
  • Have a huge audience reach
  • Have strategic mindset
  • Innovative marketing planner
  • Look for unique rewards
  • Have strategic relationship
  • Have higher engagement rates
  • Be extremely data-driven
  • Focus on brand reputation

Often you will find super affiliates with a bigger audience reach and higher engagement rate. Audiences are unpretentiously connected to their online presence. Be it a long-form blog or a straightforward insightful tweet, they always get the engagement.

Super affiliates maintain their content quality to entertain this large audience. They focus on insightful and helpful content rather than the quantity of the content. Also, you will find many innovative plans and strategies in their content.

Feel like the process is tedious? Get a free consultation today from the experts!

How To Find Super Affiliates? [8 Super Effective Ways + Bonus Tips]

Identifying potential affiliates at first will make the process much easier.

Let’s check out eight ways you can find super affiliates.

1. Check Niche-wise Presence

Super affiliates don’t rumble around 15 niches. Expertise and authority require time.  They invest their time into specific niches only. Most of the super affiliates work with 1-3 niches at max. Get into your niche and explore. Experts will be around to help you.

2. Join Affiliate Networks

Super affiliates will roam around in the largest affiliate networks. Familiarize yourself with different networks. Learn how they work and find out the super affiliates who are making a difference in the market.

You Can Check Out these Affiliate Networks

  • Clickbank
  • Amazon affiliates
  • ShareAsale
  • Constant Contact
  • Commission Junction
  • Awin
  • Rakuten Advertising
  • JVZoo

3. Join Online Communities 

Who’s not scrolling for regular updates on the online communities?

Your potential Super affiliate will be communicating or providing insights there. In every niche-based community, you will find niche experts, active admins, contributors, group leaders, or any individual who possesses strong authority in the community. They are potential super affiliates for your niche-specific business.

Check out these communities:

  • affLIFT
  • STM forum
  • Warrior forum
  • WickedFire
  • BlackHatWorld
  • Smart Passive Income Community

How about saying hello there?

4. Competitor Analysis

You can find super affiliates by analyzing your competitor’s backlinks. Also, SEO tools can help find a super affiliate.

Check out your competitors and what strategy they are using. Of course, your competitors are using super-affiliates.

If you own an online business, you will be focusing on SEO and using SEO tools (Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz). Most of the SEO tools will analyze competitors and their backlinks.

In this way, you will find some affiliates who are bringing a lot of traffic.

Also, while exploring the competitors, you can find powerful blogging websites and forums that are doing great in SERP. They are your potential super affiliates as well.

You know how to find the contacts, right?

5. Reach Mid-sized Influencers

Super affiliates are powerful influencers in their niche. Find a successful influencer whose online presence is somewhat connected to your product or service.

6. Attend Affiliate Marketing Events

How about some offline meet-ups? Affiliate marketing events like the Affiliate Summit, TES Affiliate Conference, B2B Marketing Expo, and PI Live are great ways to communicate with marketing geniuses, super-affiliates, and industry experts.

7. Consult An Affiliate Marketing Agency

Finding a super affiliate is time-consuming and sometimes it’s hard to differentiate influencers and super affiliates, it’s better to get help from someone who is doing this every day and an expert.

Here at MonsterClaw, we work with a list of super affiliates who are bringing huge revenue to our clients. To get help check our affiliate recruitment services.

8. Explore Social Media Platforms and Groups 

While scrolling through social media platforms, check out the following groups. You might find your super affiliate right away!

  • Facebook

  1. Automation Nation – Affiliate Marketing & Passive Income for Entrepreneurs
  2. Affiliate Niche Builders
  3. Affiliate SEO Mastermind
  • Reddit

  1. r/affiliatemarketing
  2. r/digitalnomad
  • LinkedIn

  1. Marketing Campaigns Brands Social Media Digital Mobile Apps Data Media SEO CRM PR Affiliate Jobs
  2. Amazon Sellers / Performance / Affiliate Marketing Professionals Network

🥇Bonus Tips

Here are some bonus tips to find super affiliates from Monsterclaw’s years of experience-

  • Share the content of the influencers on your social media and give them a shoutout, they will notice that you’re prompting them and will help you form a good relationship with them.
  • Use paid ads to find super affiliates.
  • Offer your regular customers to become affiliates.
  • Check your competitor and analyze their super affiliate strategies.
  • Take interview of the super affiliates, and ask them to be a speaker in your webinar/podcast

7 Ultimate Strategies To Attract Super Affiliates

You have to go the extra mile to attract the super affiliates.

Super affiliates are extremely valuable for businesses to grow. A lot of niche businesses will reach out to them with lucrative deals. The numbers are never low.

Reaching out to super affiliates is not closely similar to reaching out to regular affiliates.

It would take top-notch sales skills, engagement skills, proper communication, and a strong online and social presence to reach out to a potential super affiliate.

Let’s give you seven effective ways to attract a potential super affiliate.

1. Grow Your Brand Reputation

Nothing attracts super affiliates more than a well-established brand with a reputation. Before reaching out to super affiliates, focus on your brand reputation as well. Make your brand so lucrative that niche super affiliates will be interested automatically in your business.

2. Show Expertise

Depending on the niche, proper authority showcases the expertise. Super affiliates work with businesses with the proper authority in the niche. Remember that super affiliates are experts. They will be interested in working with experts.

3. Unique Selling Points

You must have unique selling points to attract the super affiliates. If the product or service is generic and the same as a thousand other options, that might not be interesting to the super affiliates. Make it interesting by making it uniquely sellable with valuable products and services.

4. Transparency

In affiliate marketing, transparency of the process makes everything easy for both ends.

Let them know:

  • How does your business work?
  • Why should they be interested in doing business with you?
  • What are their benefits?
  • What are the financial benefits?
  • How can the business be effective for both ends in the future?

5. Proper Communication

Though getting in touch with a super affiliate is tricky, you can communicate with them with proper sales skills and communication skills.

As experts in the niche, they stay busy with multiple deals. After getting into a deal, you must figure out a comfortable communication method for them.

Whereas one email can be enough for some affiliates, some experts might need an hour Zoom meeting for proper instructions

6. Competitive Commission Rate

As you can guess, super affiliates don’t work for regular commission rates. Dale from Commission Academy states that most super affiliates earn over $1,00,000 a year.

You need to have a proper deal/sponsorship for them. Analyze the market and set up a VIP commission rate for the super affiliates.

7. Exclusive Resources

While they are here to help your business grow, Ensure that they have all the resources they need. Influencers need data, insights, vision, products, and general direction.

Super affiliates will also need:

  • Ad templates
  • Swipe copies
  • Graphics and video ideas recommendations
  • Recommendations
  • Analytical data
  • Banner ads recommendations
  • Aggressive or balanced emailing list
  • Access to internal valuable resources
  • CDN
  • Product/Service Conversion Rates
  • Your Customer Demographics
  • Your Audience Insights

What’s next?

MonsterClaw understands the challenges and hassles of finding and recruiting super affiliates for specific brands. As we constantly deliver remarkable results to our affiliates, we would be happy to help you find the best super affiliates for your business.

Get a free consultation today from the experts!

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