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How To Recruit Affiliates in 2024? (12+ Proven Strategies)

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The projected global spending for Affiliate marketing is around $15 Billion by 2025. Though affiliate marketing is booming, finding and affiliate recruitment can be challenging for a business.

You need to ask three basic questions to start with.

  • Who can be a potential affiliate in 2024?
  • What are the significant changes in trends and responsibilities?
  • How to recruit affiliates in 2024?


An affiliate is a person who has a strong influence on a customer’s decision to buy something. They play a major role in influencing how customers decide to purchase and in motivating them to take action.
The affiliate industry is growing and businesses are actively spending money.
Check out the constant spending growth in affiliate marketing below.

Understanding Affiliates in 2024

Affiliate recruitment is becoming more challenging year by year. Both affiliates and affiliate marketing strategies have changed drastically in 2024. Let’s understand the fresh changes in the affiliates.

Also, check out how to find super affiliates for your affiliate program.

Shifting Trends

In 2024, affiliate marketing has adopted many new trends like:

  • Performance-based bonuses
  • Smart targeting
  • Strategic collaborations
  • AI-driven experiences
  • Greater transparency
  • Result-driven influencer marketing
  • Social proof

and there are way more innovative trend shifts.

Just look at the difference in search volumes of Affiliate Marketing over the last five years. It’s growing day by day.

[Source: Google Trends]

Focus On Value And Authority

Google is working on topical authority and expertise more than ever. EEAT makes all the difference in your growth. Now, Affiliates are more into top-notch quality content and a user-focused approach. Instead of focusing on different types of content, they are focusing on one area only. They’re focusing on providing value rather than getting commissions.

To know more, check the Google Core Update: November

Data-driven Approach

Affiliates are now embracing a data-driven approach before committing to any program. Instead of diving in blindly, they rigorously analyze key data points: product conversion rates, the success track record of the affiliate program, influencer endorsements, the brand’s net worth, the number of affiliates already promoting the product, their average earnings, commission rates, and potential performance bonuses.

Pre-Recruitment Process For Affiliates

Before you start recruiting affiliates, ensure that you have completed these steps.

1. Create an Affiliate Persona

This step is about identifying your ideal affiliate. Think about who they are, what they do, and where you can find them. Are they influencers, bloggers, industry experts? Understanding this will help you target the right people.

2. Affiliate Segmentation

Different affiliates bring different strengths. Segment them into categories like brand affiliates (who focus on promoting your brand’s ethos), loyalty affiliates (rewarding loyal customers), coupon affiliates (offering deals), influencers (with a strong social media presence), bloggers (providing in-depth product reviews), listicles, and super affiliates (those with a significant reach and sales impact). This helps in tailoring your approach for each group.

3. Decide Affiliate Benefits

Each segment might value different benefits. For instance, influencers might prefer higher commission rates or exclusive access to products, while coupon affiliates might appreciate special deals they can offer their audience. Tailor your benefits to suit the needs and preferences of each segment.

4. Create Landing Pages

Your landing page should be clear, appealing, and informative, highlighting the benefits of joining your affiliate program. Include testimonials, detailed information about commissions, and an easy sign-up process. It should resonate with your affiliate persona, convincing them that your program is the right fit for them.

5. Plan Affiliate Recruitment Strategies

Diversify your affiliate recruitment strategies. You might use targeted social media ads for influencers, SEO-optimized content for bloggers, or direct outreach for super affiliates. Each group may require a different approach to engage and convince them to join your program.

6. Set Affiliate Tracking System

Choose a reliable tracking system to monitor affiliate performance. Options include in-house software like FirstPromoter or Post Affiliate Pro, or signing up with affiliate networks. The choice depends on your program’s size, budget, and specific needs. A robust tracking system is crucial for fair and transparent commission tracking and payment.
Implementing these steps ensures a structured and effective approach to affiliate recruitment, setting the stage for a successful affiliate program.

12 Most Effective Ways To Recruit Affiliates

1. List Your Affiliate Program On Your Website

Add your affiliate program page to the website’s footer or website’s menu. Also, you can subtly promote the affiliate program yet effectively on various pages.
Visible offerings and benefits will always be a gateway to recruit affiliates. Also, ensure the procedure is easy and the affiliate program page is widely visible.

Scraper API’s Affiliate Program’s Link in the Footer

2. Promote Your Affiliate Program To Your Audience

Use social media, website pop-ups, and various content formats to inform your existing audience about your affiliate program. Implement content marketing strategies like writing targeted blog posts that potential affiliates might search for. Ensure these posts rank well in search engines and internally link to your affiliate landing page. Utilize pop-ups or hello bars for added visibility.

Example: Shopify has written an article about the best affiliate programs and carefully placed their affiliate program as one of the best affiliate programs.

Shopify affiliate program’s Promotion through effective content marketing

3. Create A Referral Program And Promote It To Your Customers

Your customers are great at promoting your products and services. When they share your products with others, they often bring in more sales than other affiliates who might not have used your products.

It’d be best if you create a referral program and invite your customers to join your affiliate program. Encourage them to refer others by easily sharable referral links or coupon codes.

Dropbox Referral Program

Define the reward, and proper terms and conditions, and promote the program accordingly. In such a way, you can turn your customers into a powerful recruitment tool.

4. Utilize Affiliate Network

Join various affiliate networks to access a diverse pool of potential affiliates. These networks provide a platform to connect with and recruit suitable affiliates for your program.
By using these affiliate marketing platforms, you can effectively recruit affiliates, provide them with unique tracking links, monitor their performance, and manage affiliate payments smoothly. These platforms offer an all-in-one solution for efficiently handling various aspects of your affiliate program.

Check these Networks for Affiliate Recruitment


Amazon affiliates


Constant Contact

Commission Junction


Rakuten Advertising


5. Join Online Communities

Online communities are a gem for recruiting affiliates. By joining relevant communities and actively participating in niche-specific topics, you can easily communicate with potential affiliates. You can identify top influencers, contributors, and active members in the online communities just by engaging in a discussion.

AffiliateFix Affiliate Forum

6. Showcase Your Affiliate Program’s Success

Success stories are always inspiring. If you showcase the success of your affiliate program, it will attract a lot of potential affiliates. Highlight the achievements and simplified processes to inspire others to join your program.

Example – Clickfunnels is promoting how much affiliates have earned from their program. They’re actively promoting success.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program’s Success

7. Use Direct Outreach Approach

Directly connect with the affiliates with email outreach or through social media connection. The beauty of direct outreach is you can connect and discuss more comfortably and personally like no other method.
You can build more secure business relationships, discuss all the confusion, and propose more curated deals for the affiliates.

Cold Email Outreach by Monsterclaw Partnership Team

8. Attend And Host Different Affiliate Marketing Events

By attending an affiliate marketing event, you can meet industry trendsetters, leading influencers, mid-level influencers, bloggers, and potential partners. You are connecting with them face-to-face here. You are connecting with your potential affiliates and learning about new trends, tools, practices, and strategies here. You can promote your program to a diverse group of experienced people.

One of the Biggest Affiliate Networking Events

Hosting your own events can also attract potential affiliates.
You have more scopes to target niche-specific audiences.

9. Create A Niche-based Community

Invest your time in building a niche-based community like clickfunnel, smart passive income community, or STM forums.
What can be more effective than the suggestions from the niche-wise community? What if you are the leader of a niche-based community?
You will have more control over the community. This will foster an environment where potential affiliates will naturally gather, and it will make your recruitment easier.

Niche Based Community by Instantly

10. Create An Affiliate Support Group

An affiliate support group showcases your dedication toward the affiliate marketing community. You can demonstrate your commitment to the larger community with valuable resources, webinars, case studies, and industry news. This group can help affiliates optimize their campaigns and quickly resolve any issues related to payments or tracking, fostering a supportive environment.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Support Group

As you are generating social proof, you are already attracting a lot of affiliates. It would be much easier to find potential affiliates and reach them.

11. List Your Affiliate Program In Different Listicles And Directories

List your affiliate program on directories and listicles on sites like Offervault and Authority Hacker. This will increase visibility among affiliates actively seeking new programs. And it’ll help you receive applications from interested affiliates.

12. Introduce Second Tier Affiliate Program

The 2nd tier affiliate program is designed so that a commission is earned by the referrer when someone they referred joins the affiliate program and earns a commission themselves.
This will incentivize second tier to recruit more affiliates, expanding your network.
These strategies can significantly enhance your affiliate recruitment efforts, creating a robust and diverse affiliate network.

Sounds Complicated?

We understand that recruiting affiliates can be challenging. You have a business to run and you cannot spend enough time analyzing multiple layers of factors, selecting proper affiliates, and reaching and recruiting them all by yourself. Also, recruiting affiliates is not another task in your Trello board. It takes genuine expertise and proper time management to even find the affiliates.
MonsterClaw has the record for 10,000+ affiliates recruitment. We handpick affiliate for every project. Our expert affiliate recruit team is one knock away from solving your affiliate recruitment problem.
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