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Best Affiliate Tracking Software [2024]

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What other way to save a good amount of money on running an affiliate program other than a house affiliate. A more cost-effective approach would be to use sophisticated affiliate tracking software.

Affiliates can be a good source of quality traffic. Brands and business owners acknowledge it; that’s why they are focusing more on creating a successful affiliate program. Affiliate marketing can double or triple your revenue if done correctly.

There are mainly two ways you can run an affiliate program

  1. Through Affiliate marketplaces.
  2. In House Affiliates.

Affiliate Marketplaces:

Third-party marketplaces are where you can directly run your affiliate program without needing to worry about handling them. There are dozens of affiliate marketplaces available that you can use, like CJ, Shareasale, Clickbank.

In House Affiliates:

In-house affiliates are your affiliates. Basically, you get them, guide them, and compensate them. You are completely in charge of them. To start an in-house affiliate program, you have to build a platform to manage your affiliates and keep track of them. It may sound tough, but there are several automated tools and software available online that you can use to build an in-house affiliate program easily.

Using an affiliate marketplace or in-house affiliate both have pros and cons. That’s another topic for another article. Today, we will share the top 5 affiliate tracking software platforms for 2022.


IDevAffiliate is one of the most popular affiliate tracking software on the market. They have been here for more than 20 years, helping brands create in-house affiliate programs. Their cloud package starts from $39/m with all the essentials. IDev has one self-hosted one-time payment package starting from $399 and two other cloud packages, Cloud with Custom Domain from $59/m and cloud premium starting from $79/m. To know about their pricing, visit this link.



  • Easy to customize: They have a variety of HTML, CSS templates, Language packs, Email templates, Color schemes, and logos. You can customize it the way you like.
  • Reporting: Their reporting system is super accurate. Tons of graphs and charts, custom reporting system. CSV, PDF, and excel based reporting.
  • Commission System: You can easily create your payout structure with idev with valuable options like percentage and flat rate payout, coupon code commissioning, PPC, PPL, and CPA. Per product commissioning, affiliate recruiting, etc.
  • Marketing Options: You can offer different marketing options to your affiliates like social media, video, banner, email templates, text ads, and more.
  • Security: Frauds are everywhere. Affiliate marketing being a pretty large industry, there is fraud. It can be a nightmare to control fraud in an in-house affiliate program. Luckily, IDev has a strong fraud protection system.
  • Integration System: You will get hundreds of integrations to support IDev affiliates. Big names like Shopify, PayPal, Instapage, two checkouts, and more support integration with idev.


  • Almost all of their reviews are positive, so it’s pretty hard to find cons, but I have seen some people complaining about their customer support to improve it.


LeadDyno is a budget-friendly affiliate tracking software recommended for medium to small business owners. Their starter package starts from $49/m for websites up to 3,000 visitors per month. The biz builder package starts from $59/m with 4,500 visitors per month, and the ‘Accelerator’ package starts from $79/m for websites up to 7,500 visitors. To know about their pricing, visit this link.



  • Easy to use: They have a good reputation for user-friendly and good-looking UI.
  • Free Trial: They offer a free 30-day trial service along with all the supports.
  • Features: Fast affiliate setup, Supports unlimited affiliates, Live chat support available, Affiliate dashboard mobile app, One-Click Social sharing, and more.
  • Commission Type: You can set different commission types based on your needs. Option to create recurring commissions for your affiliates or custom commissions for affiliates.
  • Integration: They have one-click integration with Shopify, PayPal, wo commerce, Hubspot, and more.
  • Own Affiliate Network: LeadDyno has an affiliate network that you can use to get in front of potential affiliates and influencers.
  • Blog and Resources: They Provide good knowledge base resources for their users.
  • Suitable e-commerce features such as automated emails, analysis of clicks, leads, sales from their dashboard, and the integration of PayPal mass pay can come in handy for bulk paying affiliates.


  • The package-based visitor limit is a big no. It is not ideal for big businesses.
  • No one-time payment option.


Refersion is another popular In house affiliate marketing tool. Using Refersion, you can easily manage, track and grow your network. The app is easy to use and has a good customer support review. Their pricing starts from $89/m for the professional package, tracking up to 130 affiliate orders/m.

You can create a custom package for enterprise uses by availing of their Enterprise and Enterprise Plus packages. You can try out a demo for both of these Enterprise packages. To know more about their pricing, visit this link.



  • Easy to set up: Just connect your online business with Refersion and create and create an affiliate program the way you want.
  • Automation: You can automate commission payouts and the whole marketing process.
  • Reporting: Real-time reporting made it easy to take action quickly.
  • Commission structures: You can easily create different commission structures based on your affiliates.
  • Unlimited Affiliates: Every plan includes unlimited affiliates and visits, access to developer API, a free listing in the refersion marketplace, and more.
  • Free Trial: They offer 14 days free trial for new users.
  • Resources: They regularly provide knowledgebase resources on their blog.


  • The starting price of $89/m is more expensive than other platforms.


Tune is a performance-based marketing tool designed for small to big business owners to run their affiliate programs. With Tune, you can easily manage your influencers and affiliates. They offer marketing management, conversion management, email support, and other services all in one place. They have segmented their packages into two categories: advertisers and networkers.

The Advertisers segment includes the ‘Bootstrap’ package, priced $499/m, and the ‘Scale’ package priced $1500 per month. It also includes Custom Pack for conversions crossing 5000 with additional features such as Fully Automated Event Delivery, Program Migration, and Personalized Product Training.

The Networkers segment includes the Enterprise package priced $799/m and a Custom Pack for unlimited features and the same additional features in their Advertisers segment.



  • Customizable: You will have complete control over customizing your digital marketing campaigns, payouts, publisher relationship, and more. You can build your platform using their API and developer tools.
  • Easy To Use: They are easy to use, and their interface is user-friendly.
  • Free Trial: They have a 30-day free trial offer, so you can test before you buy.
  • Reporting: Real-time campaign management system so you can improve and optimize your campaigns in real-time.
  • Compatibility: They are mobile and desktop compatible.
  • Integration: You have useful integration options for Affiliate Services, Analytics, Billing, Call Tracking, Creative, Email Fraud, Lead Gen, etc.
  • Proactive fraud prevention: They offer a proactive fraud protection system.
  • Support: They have a good review for their helpful support system. They provide 24/7 email support.


  • Their pricing is costly and may not suit all small business owners.

Post Affiliate Pro:

Post affiliate pro is the most reviewed and #1 rated affiliate software available online. They have a useful user interface that is easy to use with many features. Their pricing starts from $97 in their pro package with advanced affiliate features. The unlimited package starts from $197, and the Network package starts from $477.

Post Affiliate Pro


  • Fast Setup: Installation is quick, and you get free setup by their team with all the plans.
  • Tracking and Reporting: Real-time reporting system with multiple reliable tracking methods.
  • Commission Types: You can create per click, per sale commissions, recurring commissions, lifetime commissions, and more.
  • Integration: You can integrate with any HTML-based app. You get many integration options with lots of helpful software and platforms.
  • Promotional Materials: You can add different promotional materials such as image banners, HTML banners, text link banners, discount coupons, and more.
  • Unlimited Affiliates: They offer unlimited affiliate management with all their plans.
  • Customization: You can customize your affiliate program precisely the way you want.
  • Support system: They have a mail, chat, forum support system.
  • Recommended for all types of businesses.


  • It can take some learning curve to master. Other than that, it has a good review over the net.

This is our review of the top 5 affiliate tracking software platforms of 2022. Choosing the right platform is crucial; choose one that goes with your budget and plan. Learn more here.

Even with these automated affiliate tracking software, managing your affiliates can be quite difficult and comes with various challenges. If you need help with recruiting affiliates or managing them, our experts can help you.

We have 13 years+ of experience in Affiliate Management so you can rely on our support. You can book a Free Affiliate Marketing Consultation and see our Affiliate Management services to get started.

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