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How to Source Affiliates – The Right Ways

Reading Time: 3 minutes
How to Source Affiliates

How to Source Affiliates: To generate more sales for your business, you need more active affiliates, and to get more active affiliates you need to know how to source more top affiliates.

When I started affiliate sourcing, there was limited information on the internet. And I bet there is no specific resource yet I can refer to. 

So, I decided to write about my affiliate sourcing experience and share it with the industry to grow.

When it is about sourcing the right kind of affiliate, you have to be more diligent and attentive. A minor glitch or oversight can cause a hole in your profit margin.

Few Words For the Beginner: 

If you are new to affiliate sourcing, then you need to know how it works precisely. Affiliate Marketing has 4 major parts. And when these four parts work simultaneously, it works like magic.

  • Customer
  • Vendor
  • Affiliate Manager
  • Publisher/ Promoter

All four connect on either an in-house affiliate tracking software or via a reputed affiliate network.

Affiliate Sourcing Expert, My Unique Ways

The 1st part is a brain game and 2nd is validating ideas with some killer tools. 

Step 1: Brainstorming:


Technically this is the most challenging part and the main difference between a good and average sourcing expert.

Whenever you are choosing a publisher, always keep in mind, do these publishers meet your products? If so, does their traffic have buying intent?

Are they answering the queries customers are searching for? Do they have an influence over the customer’s decision? 

If they are, then it’s a good sign for you that you might find a suitable affiliate for recruitment

On the other hand, If the publisher has an excellent content-based blog with a huge traffic source and also has authority over something highly relevant to your niche or products, then that site or blog would be the right choice for your business.

Along with blogs and authority sites, you can also target influencers. They may come from social media, freelance, blogs, or can be anyone who ends up being someone your customers follow.

But the main thing you have to ask yourself and figure out with the information available – can they send traffic with buyer intent.

Step 2: Validating Ideas & Accelerating Sourcing Using Tool Set

We know that time is money. If you want to do more in less time, then tools are something I must recommend.

And here is the fun part. Now I’m going to suggest a few tools that we regularly use. These tools save time and reduce workload. 

  • Similarweb
  • Ahrefs
  • Spyfu
  • And okay, let’s keep a few for the serious ones. Ask me in the comment section and I’ll tell you know the name.

Similarweb and Spyfu help you find the keywords, statistics, similar sites, and their traffic source and lets you dig the insights deeper. 

Yellowfin and Ahrefs are some of the advanced SAAS tools that help you research your competitor’s analytics. It makes a huge difference when you know where your competitors are getting their traffic from and how they are doing a successful business. 

If you have any inquiries or suggestions, do let me know in the comment. If you need help sourcing top affiliates, you can use the contact button and ask for me.

Author Details

Raju is sourcing top affiliates for over a year now. He exactly knows what kind of affiliates will be active, and what kind of affiliates can drive sales for your business. He has also gone through several pieces of training about how to source quality affiliates. He is also very good at Search Engine Optimization and using different kinds of tools at it’s best.